Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Paco's, Fro-yo, and a boomerang

We had a big welcome back dinner for our everybody who just got back from international trips - Vince and Julie from Iceland (they are totally BFF's with Bjork now), Kirst from Aussieville, and me from Crazytown. Trent & Mike & Lisa came to attempt to make us look respectable - it didn't work.

Vince & Jules were amazingly coherent considering they had been flying for 22 (!!!!!!!!!!) Hours! I would have been a zombie, complete with the whole "braaaaaaaaaiinnnnnnnss" thing.

Ang and I of course brought out Stalker Eyes, which is really just a tradition now. That and we enjoy being creepy around others.

"I feel like... I'm being sneered at... what's... wrong.... where's my pepper spray?"

Ang looks like a supermodel in the headlights - I love it! I'm apparently intensely studying her perfect hair. "A lock of that would go great with some fava beans and a chianti!"

Mike got a hat from Trent - who unfortunately got a Tom Cruise sized hat. Tom Hanks size Trent, Tom Hanks. Come on.

Trent was dying for a real boomerang, which Kirst was happy to import (legally):
All I can say is, I am sure the first person he decapitates at least won't see it coming.
Kirst and her pet tiger! Really, Kirst, you are totally overworking the insanely cute LK angle. ;) I don't think the woman can take a bad photo!
Me on the other hand, I take LOTS of bad photos! It's like PooLander. We all have our gifts...

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