Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kayaking in the Hood

And by hood, I mean beautiful multi gazillion dollar homes! I almost forgot to blog this... Aliah would kill me! Literally, it'd be like "Sorry, can't blog anymore, because I died.".

So I met up with Aliah and Gabe last weekend for some kayaking in Seal Beach... it was so fun! We had a blast. Basically you kayak in the ocean, but in a waveless canal area surrounded by bazillion dollar homes and huge yachts. Yeah, it's pretty cool. Good exercise too!
This surfer girl was paddling with a dog on the board, how cute is that? Not to mention they even had matching outfits! I thought I accidentally paddled into a Disney film for a minute.

This house looked like a castle. There weren't any crocs in the moat though, CHEAP!

Aliah and her friends who joined us nearly got run over by this boat! Luckily though the guy wasn't a bad boat driver, he was just drunk. Whew!Hey cuz!
Aliah pointed out my thongs were wa-hay more stylish then hers.... I proceeded to tease her a bit. I think I called her cheapfeet.
Aliah got mad at me, and paddled towards that little round boat/spaceship you see ahead. She said she was going to "travel somewhere nice - where you don't exist". Oh honey, my blog is in space. Good luck.
Gabriel enjoying the sun - and peace and quiet without Aliah chattering about constantly. The poor guy....
KIDDING! Love you cuz! I have to give props to my cuz's, they basically lost a Nicole Ritchie between them over the last year - like 80 pounds!
I'm surrounded by wealth! HEEHEEE! Don't think I didn't look for some keys left in the ignition of some of those yachts...

Like this one. I swear I almost saw J Lo and her husband Marc Anthony on the boat! But it was just a girl with a big ass and Golem.

After we went out to an awesome fish restaurant that Aliah found and recommended.. which.... WASN'T OPEN! LOL! They were closed for renovations. I called Angela and Lisa who were meeting us there and calmly explained "Sorry, it's closed, we need to meet somewhere else.". Angela said back "Uhm... we are sitting there having a drink right now!" After about 3 minutes of "who... whaatttttttttttttt...." and lots of laughing, poor Aliah had given the wrong address. Her hair may be brown, but she's a blonde at heart ya'll. ;)
And yes, Mexican food... notice a theme?

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