Sunday, August 19, 2007

Goodbye, Happy Birthday, and some Stardust

So I had an awesome, busy, action packed, wild and crazy, FUN weekend! I think I need a weekend after my weekend, tho - between the last 4 nights, cleaning, errands, and such - I'm so ready for a break! :D

Thursday night I met up with Aaron, my friend who's leaving for SF (Booo!) for a few drinks, then met Lara & company at Air Conditioned, a totally fun (hip, as those crazy kids would say) dance club.

It was some random chick's birthday party, so they brought out a cake. Note the fingerprints in the side... I'm not saying who, but someone may have poked it for icing in between camera flashes. ;)
On the stage, creepy old guy rocked to the beat of his own drum while a rockerchick totally owned the stage... She was 'fly' (Yes, I'm using 80's slang in my post today, LOVE IT!).
Lara is pretty much a born poser - seriously, she had a pose off with Paris and the poor heiress left the stage in tears. See how she looks in the distance, not directly at the papparazzi - so smooth, chica!
Julie joined us here for a Lara Sandwich!
Then I met Lara's friend visiting from London, Beaver. By the end of the night I had proposed... Funniest. Girl. Ever. Seriously. She was a riot! I got some truly amazing photos - she seriously works the camera and totally blew my crazy-camera-face out of the water!

Pure genius.

There were a few couples displaying some serious PDA (Public Displays of Affection)... so tacky. Beaver immediately started imitating them... which was freaking hilarious! I think she and the wall are expecting any month now.The couple was too busy snogging to even notice. ROCK!
LOL See why I totally love this girl?
I also met a few other friends of Lara's....
And we posed... and posed....
And posed...
And posed!

The Beav and I did our interpretation of the Gross-PDA couple and I think it came out rather romantic/hawt.

Leaving the club - which is in Venice - I saw the coolest bike ever:

You just know a big muscley dude probably rode it there.
I feel sometimes like my blog makes it look like I'm an alchey. Or at least, a crackie. Coker? I dunno, I'm starting to lose my 80's slang terms. Anyways, it was a fun night for all (especially the couple and that wall! That thing got more action...).

Saturday I rolled out to the birthday party for the lovely Lisa who turned 29 and decided to celebrate with her 19 sisters at Cozymel's Mexican Grill:

We had a great time! I'm kidding about the 19 sisters, there were just 3 but it was all a bit overwhelming. They were all incredibly nice and I immediately liked all of them. Good peeps come from good families ya'll! Julie's super nice mom came as well as Angela's sister - who was both awesome and cool enough to pose for a Stalker Photo with us! Oh yes, don't think I forgot tradition. Lisa's friend Chris also came, so basically she had an entire entourage with her - we totally owned Cozymel's!


So now it's time for Stalker Eyes X2 - featuring TWO sisters! Yes, I know, this is a landmark achievement for Stalker Eyes. I'm feeling a little teary right now, I can't even tell you.

So Angela's sister now firmly has a special place in blogland for going along with our crazy traditions!

Later that night I made it out to Aaron's final going away party (BOO) at ... well, like 5 bars on Main Street in Santa Monica.

At one bar at closing they started singing New York New York or some song I'll probably butcher:
So we of course joined in. At the top of lungs. Shortly after a bar fight broke out on the street and like 10 cop cars showed up - it doesn't get more entertaining then that!

At another bar I ran into actors portraying characters from the upcoming movie Balls of Fury:
They were hilarious, and handing out free crap! WOO!

It was a lot of fun and I'm very happy for him!

Tonight I met Kirst and Mike for dinner at an awesome place called Bossa Nova and we caught Stardust, which was very entertaining - I recommend it! It's very fun, not super predictable, great FX, and a great cast. I very much enjoyed it.

Oy, is it Sunday already? :( Poop.

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