Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A night worthy of a Hero(es)

So last night was freaking amazing... the utterly cool Trent invited Mike and I to come to the premiere of It's A Mall World at The Arclight. It was so much fun! I went celeb crazy. And I do mean crazy. Even more then normal. We were like a bunch of kids at Disneyland... I don't think 5 minutes went by where we weren't like "OMG! It's blah blah! OMG!". I was actually impressed by our collective movie and tv knowledge.

"It's Blah Blah! Last seen in the 2001 movie Bla blah Blah! Was married to blah blah for 3 years!" "OMG! Is blah blah with blah blah... blah? Slut." ;) We were like freaking IMDB live. All I can say is, I know who I'm taking with me to World Series of Pop Culture! We'd clean house!Sexy mood lighting! Rowr! Unfortch my apparent clown face doesn't quite work... altho I did scare some kids.

This is the first (read: pre-alcohol) pic we took at the arclight Cinemarama dome. It's a cool theater!
Trent's shirt rules....
Mike's friend Lindsay was there, she was so nice and cool!

OK first celeb pic: Masi Oka, who plays Hiro!
I am gonna have to pace you guys here. There's a LOT to cover.

The afterparty was at the ultra cool (god, I need to stop using ultra, I'm seriously dating myself here... hi, stuck in the early 90's, party of 1, your table in the dark corner alone with the booze is available) Cabana Club in Hollywood! It's a very South Beach ish feeling place. Tons of free food (mall themed, of course) and drinks! Pretty much guaranteeing a good night at that point.
Zachary Quinto! He was so nice, I got to talk to him for a bit and he's a way cool guy. He was hilarious on So Notorious, the rarely seen show on VH1 so it's been great to see him propel his career into Heroes and now Spock in the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie.
Fo shizzle T-Lizzle! And yes, Trent grew approximately 7 inches taller that night.
It's a Mall World, son!

I've thought Adrian Pasdar rocked ever since Profit on Fox, before they so cruelly canceled it (Damn you Fox!) He and Leonard Roberts (who plays DL) were so friendly, they asked our names and shook our hands. Adrian is married to the amazing Natalie Maines (lead singer of the Dixie Chicks), which makes them both that much cooler. I'm amazed I didn't drool on myself a little when talking to them.
OK, so maybe I did, but I'm fairly certain drool didn't actually REACH them. Jeeze.
Natalie was SO sweet and nice! And PRETTY! I saw her coming and did a deer in the headlights thing was like "Tr... Trentttt... Natalie Maines is walking towards us!" :O :O
She TOTALLY waived at him and walked over to say hi! She was so cool. You think I'm gushing now... you shoulda seen me last night! Thank God I learned to wear diapers from those astronauts that chase each other over state lines.

Hollywood parties are so funny. Everyone is always looking up to see if a bigger star is around or who's talking to who... and there are so many beautiful people it's sorta odd. Everyone was pretty nice though.

Trent spotted Mercedes McNab in the crowd and, I think, kinda gasped. I was oblivious (I had popcorn in my hand, you know popcorn = oblivious to all) and he pointed her out and I totally did a double take. She played Harmony on all 7 seasons of Buffy & Angel, and being an insanely huge fan, we bothered her for a photo. Luckily later in the night we saw her and Joleigh Fioreavanti again (they star in the new movie Hatchet, September 7th!) and got more photos. We took one nice one - for the kid's, ya'll. For the kids.
And a drunken crazy wild photo!
LOL! So awesome! I don't know if I'm cheering or or doing the "Choot choot" train sound and honking sign, but whatever, I got to hug Harmony so I am going to be happy for like a week. Joleigh kissed me too and so now we are totally going out. Or married. Or something. Maybe we'll do rehab together, I dunno, but it's serious.

Lights! Palm trees! Booze! Agents! Action!

Jack Coleman, who plays Mr. Bennett on the show, was really nice and I have to admit I was a little disappointed he didn't wear glasses. I'm a GEEEEK!
BTW I hope you noticed that I did indeed wear an American Eagle shirt. I felt that since they were paying for the night the least I could do was help advertise their effort. I am pretty sure all the Heroes thought I was some AE intern who slept/begged/bribed/cried my way into the premiere. "But Daddy, I don't want a pony, I want to meet the Heroes!"
Shane West! He was pretty cool, I have to say everyone was really nice to us.

And of course, the man of the night, the multi-talented and surprisingly down to earth and normal movie & television star, and now director - Milo Ventimiglia! He spoke to us for awhile before returning to hang with his Entourage - his parents who were there to support him! Say it with me... "Awwwwwww". I have no doubt he has a very long career ahead of him in Hollywood, he's a smart guy who, I am happy to report, wasn't doing lines of coke all night.

So all in all it was an amazing night, I got a ton of great celeb photos, had a blast hanging with Mike and Trent, who are some of the coolest people in LA, and overall just had a blast. I don't think it gets any better then this!
OOHH YES! P.S. There was a photo booth, if I could figure out a way to make a living embarrassing myself I totally would! You heard me Paris, I'm moving into your territory, bitch! Kisses!

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