Monday, August 13, 2007

The Bourne Danceoff

It's been a busy @$$ week! Wow! I haven't had any time to blog lately... so much going on! I have been up to a bunch of fun stuff lately, but I've also been swamped at the office. Oy! I guess it's summer!

So earlier in the week Mike and I had a great dinner at Basix cafe (dee-licious fish!) and headed over to Hamburger Mary's to play a little bingo... hosted by a drag queen and a hilarious MC! It was soooo funny. We were surrounded by screaming college co-eds, my eardrums were ringing! What a fun crowd. Whoever won had to take a run around the whole restaurant while everyone crumpled up their losing bingo tickets and chucked them towards the person! SO FUNNY! If two people won, they drew numbers, and the losing person would have to pick something from the "Bag of Crap" while everyone chanted at the top of their lungs:

So yeah, needless to say you pretty much laugh your ass off. I swear, there's just too much fun stuff to do here. It's amazing I find time to sleep. Every Wednesday they have a celeb judge call some numbers. Turns out it was Ross Mathews, aka Ross the Intern from the Tonight Show & The View, etc! Mike actually knew him (Mike never ceases to amaze) and we ended up meeting him after! So funny. And of course, silly me, I didn't bring my camera! Last Friday I met the lovely Lisa & Ang for my fav - Mexican food - and... well, a few margaritas. We chowed down and then I headed off to see The Bourne Ultimatum. SO GOOD! I LOVED it! It's easily one of the best films I've seen all year! It and 300 are far and away my favs. It's so well done, acted, scripted, paced, shot, etc. OMG HE'S GOT A GUN! ... ehr, wait, it's just Jason Bourne! The movie is badass! The car chase scene is easily one of the best ever. You are literally on your seat the whole time! LOOK OUT JASON! OMG! IT'S HIGH! ... Yeah. So I saw it at The Bridge which I highly doubt I may return to... it's close, but half the damn theater was talking during in it. :( Some woman actually got in a fight during the film with two guys cuz she was yelling at the screen. Seriously people! Then as I was leaving there were two familes laden down with like 18 kids. I was like OH COME ON! It's after midnight! Where is my sterilization gun when I need it... Anywayz, on Saturday I got together with Paul, Trent, and Mike for some beachtime fun! We met at Manhattan Beach which is a great spot where they were hosting the AVP Volleyball Tournament. All the greats were there, and sadly I missed them! :( V-ball is one of the few sports I find entertaining to watch. I didn't take photos of the tourney so just use your imagination. :) Here we are at the beach! After went out for some food and then on to dancing! Hit up a crappy place I won't even bother mentioning, but ended up landing at Akbar which is a super fun club. They were spinning a mix of stuff, primarily 80's. It's the bar I met Jane Lynch & Margaret Cho at, so naturally I had a predisposition to liking it! We ran into Zachary Quinto of Heroes there, so of course I saw my celeb for the weekend... Before we get into the photos, I warn you, I went for some new expressions. Yeah, I dunno WTF I was thinking either. We were totally doing a dual extendo-arm-self-MySpace-pic thing here. How awesome is that? We R0xx0rz! I think Mike is advertising beer here, and I'm quite possibly sheepish at leaving home WITHOUT my American Express. Tee-hee! How will I pay? SCARY TOM CRUISE EYES! AAAHH COME HERE KATIE HOLMES! I WILL MAKE YOU LOVE ME WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... Sorry I got a lil carried away. How hilarious is this pic? We are a bunch of goofballs. T-shizzle busts a move on the dancefloor! Doesn't this photo look like it was taken from a crane in the ceiling? Sadly, I just reached up. I think I made a little girl cry "Make the scary giant man go away! MOMMY". I'm taking your pic! No... you are taking mine? BLAST! Foiled again! I hereby volunteer this pic as an anti-booze Public Service Announcement. Or maybe an anti-crack announcement, you know it really could have a lot of uses. Mom must be so proud.
We had a blast, I'm so happy I've made so many cool friends here!

I have to give a special shout out to my beautiful wife Kirst who returned from Australia today, and who officially lives in one of the prettiest parts of the world:

She's a model, ya'll. Don't hate.
How disgustingly cute is this pic? I think she's seriously trying to take me on for supercute dog photos. That's it! I'm going home to win my title back! Bast, take a bath and get your shiniest collar ready!
See, even babies love LK! Oy! It's almost too much cuteness. If you are overwhelmed, just scroll back up for pictures of my drunk sweaty ass dancing to the oldies.

It's gonna be another busy week, lots going on and some fun stuff planned... I'm making a mental note to take my camera with me everywhere! Peace outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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