Monday, August 20, 2007

Bye Bye Beav :(

Had a going away party for Beaver tonight... sniff :( Sad, sad times. So, let's get it started off with a nice family appropriate pic:
OH MY! TERRIBLE! Terrible.
There, that's better. Hi Kirst!
I could tell you what happened here, and why they are both in shock, but then Blogger would boot me off the internet. And, I'd go to hell.
Lara: Christ. Am I in another photo with these people?
Monique was seriously trying to contest my one-armed photo taking prowess - but I got longer arms ya'll!
We had dinner at Siamese Garden, a fun Thai restaurant right along the Venice canals. It would have been romantic, if we hadn't been all crazy loud and wild. The English know how to party!
Monique giving B some bunny ears - she was stuck in the 80's tonight, seriously. Sadly, she and I were the only one that got her wild 80's references.... I'm old. :(
Lara does this to guys. I avoided it by already having a bottle on my lips when she came around. Alchey for the win!
Juli is pretending she doesn't know us, and I think the Mexican wrestler on the glass was about to take a swim!
Juli's pretending didn't work and she got suckered into a photo!
I could tell you what the Mexican wrestler ended up after this shot, but then someone else would go to hell.

Lara totally got some B booty action! WOO!
B tried to bike home on someone else's bike, and I had just sprayed AXE BODY spray on the tree... so really, this is all my fault.
Heh, best photos EVAR! No captions needed...
Sexy bitches for the win!
I could try to explain this photo, but then we'd ALL go to hell. It's pretty awesome nonetheless. Fun times - unfortch our last with Beaver for awhile. BOO! :(
Peace out!

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