Tuesday, April 24, 2007


So I met the gang tonight for a very fun dinner at Paco's... it was quite the night! Fun, drinks, laughing, and being extremely loud. Luckily, the louder you are, the more you fit in! There was a mass of birthday parties going on around us, but luckily everyone in the group is pretty much born in January save for a few of us, so no "Feliz Navidad!". And yes, that is Happy Birthday in Spanish, you just have it WRONG.

Paco's is a bit of a Los Angeles landmark. Why haven't you heard of it then, you may ask. Well because you are what we in the biz call 'special'. No really, Paco's has the craziest largest burritos. I eat like a pig, and I can only eat half of one. Add fresh tortillas, guac, a lil tequila, a dash of crazy, and a pinch of friends, and you have yourself a party.


Lisa in her very first blog entry! Well outside of amishsexkitten.com of course.
KIDDING! Sheesh. Everyone knows I write that blog.
I was laughing about something here. Either Ang is pinching my butt again, or Dao said something so funny I sprayed some of Paco's Taco's on the table.

Kirsten, Jules and Lisa: "Take the damn photo Darion"
Darion: "Make love to the camera! You love it! Growl like a kitten! Meow!"
K, J, L: "We know people in this town, shut up"
Melissa and Alan were visiting from Australia! Vince is being nice to them because Aussies are known to bring Vegimite sandwhiches with them everywhere they go. Vegimite addiction: it will make anyone spin a web of lies.
Angela promised me $10 for a 2nd blog photo.
I promised her $10 to be my alibi.
Funny how life works out.
My crazy extendo-arm, or "freakishly long alien arms" as Julie puts it, come into use.
My wife, Kirsten.
(Wife of 22 hours, Vegas, at least one of us may have been intoxicated, and don't judge, you know you've all done it)

OK, so no trip to Paco's is complete without... The Sign.

What is The Sign, you ask?

Well, I shall show you The Sign.

Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for it.

Julie discovered The Sign and has been delighting friends, guests, and homeless with the internationally appreciated humor of The Sign for years. Maybe even decades.

The Sign cannot be expressed with words. So here, in all it's original, unphotoshopped glory, I give you: THE SIGN.
YES. That's real. I didn't make it up. It's a real gym. I sh** you not, people. I couldn't come up with comedy this good. Honestly, if I was, I'd be working for the Bush speechwriting team.
OOOOH political humor, a blog first. But no really, I don't mean to derail.

Once again, look at: THE SIGN!
You know I can't top that. I will probably retire now.


s said...

Yo that looks like foon...la is party town huh?

Darion said...

You have no idea. :D