Sunday, April 15, 2007

A concert, and some booze! ...

... but not really in that order.

Went to see Vega 4 and Augustana at The Wiltern on Thursday, and had a great time!

Vega4 rocked "Life is Beautiful". The lead singer was insane, he climbed the speakers, ran around the stage, ran into the crowd... bands are so great before they get really famous, they have no fear!
Happy crowd!
Augustana put on a good show, and sounded pretty good live. The lead singer wasn't as good at interacting with the crowd as some of the other acts I've seen recently, but apparently they are an LA band so they had fun being in their hometown.
When he was playing Boston, the crowd was freaking out. The little lights are the 5,000 cell phones and cameras out!
The funny thing about this photo is that it was windy as HELL that day! Tons of trees fell in LA and power was knocked out all over. It was also cold as ... hmm... well colder then LA should be!

"All Wilterns lead to my head"

So Saturday Aliah & Gabe came over to drink ... ehr, I mean watch movies and have Mao's Kitchen! YUM!They are non-alcoholic beverages people, don't judge!
CHEERS! I dunno WTF my expression is saying here.
Darion: Let's do Dr. Evil!
Aliah: I'm gonna look like a 60's spy posing as she sneaks around a corner instead!
Gabriel: Dr. Evil?!? I need a cat to do that right!
Darion: Sigh....

Look who has a halo!


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