Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ma and Pa visit, day one!

M&D flew in for Easter weekend for multiple reasons - it was Mom's birthday, their 32nd
Anniversary (!! I know, who stays married past 5 years anymore?), and they had yet to see my new place since I moved to LA.

The trip worked out great, but was so action packed I had to split it into multiple blog posts! :)

They flew in Wednesday and I had to work, but did manage to go out to lunch and then leave work early to take them to Mom's birthday gift/their anniversary gift - 3rd row tickets to see Wicked at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles! WOO! The Pantages is a beautiful old theater and it was AWESOME! Such an amazing show.

My company bought half the upper section and I lucked out and got the tickets, we had a great price. They go on ebay for $200-300 a seat - insane!
The Pantages is so much fun to see something at, the acoustics are great and the singing in Wicked was amazing. The actors and performers were TOP NOTCH! We all loved it - I liked it alot more then I thought I would!
It truly deserves all the rave reviews. I love how they tied everything in with the Wizard of Oz movie.

Pantages is Purrtttyyy!

The whole crew outside Pantages Theatre in Hollywood!
It went like this as we walked around...
"Look Mom, there's Desi Arnez's star!"
"Look Mom, there's a tranny hooker!"
"Look Mom, ... don't step on that crack syringe!"
Yes, Hollywood isn't as clean as it seems on TV or in your head. Fun nonetheless though! :)

The Wicked set cover - the only pic I got as cameras were not allowed during the actual show. If it comes to your town, GO SEE IT! I give it 5 out of 5 stars. And I don't normally like musicals!

Gorgeous theater!
Dad pointing out the Capital Records building for us. They are turning it into condos, apparently.
(Note my skillful presentation of the Wicked Playbill)
Two water bottles, two dorks!

Day one OUT! But day two... now THAT'S a story!

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