Sunday, April 15, 2007

And on the 4th day they rested... or not.

Saturday was quite the party... we took it easy during the day and then headed over to Venice in the afternoon. Many great friends from SD came up to party as well as my cousin and other friends from LA.
We started out the day with something none of us had ever done before - an Easter egg hunt on Venice Beach! It was fun and crazy!

Mom and Aliah planted eggs around rocks, a lifeguard tower, etc... at one point when picking up eggs off the nearby pier, a lifeguard got out his megaphone and started yelling "There's some to the left... now go right... there's one under that rock..." LOL!!!! Then another random guy ran up and started collecting eggs with us. It was pretty funny!
The lifeguard tower was empty so we stormed it!
It was pretty much this chaotic. Jeff was body checking everyone in his way! ;)
The best part was Jeff actually woke up a homeless guy sleeping in the rocks and asked him if he had any eggs!!! LOL The poor homeless guy was all "Leave me aloneeee". hahahahaha
We are lucky no one got shiv'ed!
The most unlikely Easter Egg crew ever... everyone walking by was like "WTF?". lol
Best egg hunt ever! BTW Jeff won... ya bully! :P

Then it was on to C&O Trattoria, awesome Italian food.
We had a very 'busy' table. We were so loud.... the hostess actually asked us to be quiet at one point. YES! One waitress told us we were "The coolest table in here by far!". YES!


Poor Gabe couldn't make it as he was sick - but he was there in spirit!

See, here I am for once not trying to make a crazy face and do a nice photo ... and Adam goes for the crazyface. Never again will I make that mistake!
Random crowd photo!
Ehr... that's not Chianti... it's.... grape juice....
That was my first glass, officer!
Hish 3rd glash... or fifth... what's the one after sixth.... offisher....

The party favors came out, and of course everyone got tricked out. Ben rocked the "Rooster" hat and Raph knew how to rock the blinking glasses.
There was crap everywhere!
Of course mom got yet another birthday cake and song!
Morale of the story: I see it as the only way to avoid the "I was in labor for 700 hours" look.

Jeff won the Easter Egg hunt... so he got the Luau Bra! YES! WORK IT, COVERGIRL!
Rowwwr. He certainly has the supermodel attitude thing down!

Rock those glasses, Raph!
Jeff worked the ... ahem... Rooster hat AND the bra! Stylin'!

Not to be left out, Cuz, you get the crazy stalker eye photo!
No, really, that's the sound I make when taking photos.
At least Lara knows how to take a nice respectable photo... ADAM.... ;)
Not to be left out, I won fish goggles. Yes, fish goggles.
These were supposed to represent gills.
Enough with the photos papparazzi!
Awww me and Jenn. HEY JENN!

WHOA! Where'd this come from... UH OHZZZ Jeff is gonna get jealous! This is Photoshopped! I swear!... Don't worry Jeff, there's enough D for all!

"Dude... you both got some D...."

"But I got the women! WOO!"

So that's about it... we chilled out Sunday and they flew home after a crazy LA trip. PEACE!

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