Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A day of festivities, part 3

Friday was a blast.... we got up late, of course.
Well, to be exact, my ass got out of bed at 10:30am. My folks got up at like 7 or some unmentionable hour. :)
We had lunch at one of the best Chinese restaurants in the US - Mao's Kitchen in Venice. YUM!

Now that they've tried it, I can call them and go "Hmm, I'm having Mao's delivered to my door tonight... they are open till 3am!" *Evil laugh*

Next up was the newly remodeled Getty Villas (www.getty.edu) in Malibu. It was gorgeous! Malibu is sooooo nice. If only I had 10 million, I could get a house there!
It's so cool, I love the architecture.
It's like something out of a sci fi movie!

Mixed with the best of European/Italian/Roman architecture.Getty was a huge collector of artifacts and antiquities. He had a huge collection that continues to grow thanks to the billions... ehr, hard work of the staff he left behind. Ahem.
That's my helmet. Really, I'd totally wear that sh** on Halloween.
More cool stuff! WANT!
Pretty EVERYWHERE. Even the bathrooms are nice!
This was a casket - see, rich people a few thousand years ago were gaudy just like those today.
"Help, help, I'm the armless old guy!"
Apparently they have old style plays here in the summer. Must get tickets!
I want a courtyard like this!
"This will one day be MINE! Watch your a**, Mr. Getty!"
Le Tourist!
Even the floors are beautiful!
I repeat: SIGH.
Great collection of really cool stuff!
All the poor statues were missing their original noses. How fitting it's in Malibu!
(Because of nose jobs... get it... chuckle ... hahaha... it's no fun if I have to explain, people)
I want a swimming pool like this, but wider, deeper, and more ornate two thousand year old statues.

The Getty Villas are amazing and a must see if you are in LA. Just get tickets a month in advance!

So as if that wasn't enough - my friend Karina, a professional Flamenco dancer, hooked us up with a special reservation and table at El Floridita, a Cuban restaurant in Hollywood. It was awesome! My friends Angela, Vince, and Julie met us there. They met my parents, and now understand why I am the way I am. Strangely, they stopped returning my phone calls... hmm....
The whole group!
P.S. Ang, stop grabbing my butt.
With the city lights in the background, does it look like we are outside somewhere fancy? Like... CUBA?
So, time for a one-armed-picture-blast!

Me and JULES!
Me and PA!

Happy Birthday, Mom! (She got more birthday dinners and desserts over the weekend.... I tell you!)The happy engaged couple - stop being so happy, dammit! Making us singles feel lame and such. :D
The live Cuban band was awesome! They sounded amazing live.

This is Angela's "Darion's Blog ROCKS!" Special Guest Star photo.
I know at this point you are probably going, jeeze why are these people so laughy and smiling in all these photos? Well, one word:
MOJITO'SSSSSSS! I love you, Mojito. My lil Cuban rum-mint-soda-confection of liquid joy.

The best part about this photo: About 20 seconds before, they started the Cuban band started playing happy birthday. Mom is all looking around, thinking it was someone else. Julie looks at me and very loudly goes "JEEZE, Darion, didn't you even tell them it was your Mom's birthday?" I'm like "IXNAY ON THE IRTHDAY-BAY!" waving my hands like there's a bee on me, and a few seconds later the waiter brings Mom her dessert. It was so funny!
"My birthday? Who, me? I had no idea! This is only my 3rd birthday surprise... today!" :D
So Mom then ran out and danced to the Birthday song, which was the first time the dancefloor was empty all night. My friend Karina was watching from another table, and had no idea that it was Mom's birthday... she was all "Wow, your mom is FEARLESS!!!!" LOL!!
Two old guys decided she needed a dancing partner.... it was hilarious. They got mad dance on that night!

Dance Dance Viva La Revolucion!!
So, driven by Mojito's and the annoyingly happy couples on our left and right... Ang and I decided to go a little crazy with the camera. First, we of course did our best Stalker Eyes, which is really a must when taking photos with friends:
Yes, it does in fact speak for itself.
"Hey, what's that up there.... AAAAAGH STALKER EYES!"
This is really close to looking like either 1) A super trendy painting, 2) A picture from some super trendy new clothing line that no one can afford 3) An ad that goes "Staring: It Hurts Everyone."

SUPER HAPPY FAKE SMILES! WOO! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOYMom and Dad on the very crowded and hoppin dancefloor!
I have no excuse for this photo.... Mojito? New Jeans from Melrose? A desire to have crazy photos? You decide!


A fun day had by all! :)

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