Monday, April 09, 2007

A Grand Day Out - Day Two!

Thursday was the big day - how big? Well, Mom's Birthday big! *Fireworks*
We had some delicious Japanese food and then went on to Melrose so Mom could do some secondhand shopping... she had a great time and found some good deals. Melrose is always fun. We also went to the Beverly Center and they got to see all the super expensive designer outlets and uber rich people. No celebs, but then they are really hard to spot in person unless there are papparazzi following them. Honestly. They look dumpy in person - soso hair, HUGE sunglasses, imperfect skin... it can be a letdown.
OK, that's my excuse for not spotting any celebs that day.

Beverly Center = SpendMoney Central.

I sorta fell in love with some designer jeans at a store on Melrose and sorta had to buy them... sorta. It was bad for my credit card, but oh soooo good for the soul.

This is the EVIL EVIL clothing store. Damn you designer jeans!

We then went on to Universal CityWalk next to Universal Studios for dinner and so Mom could get some dancing in... unfortunately we hit peak traffic on the way over:

Bleeeeeeech. Apart of LA.
Mom found an outdoor musician and started dancing and picked up a backup crew of 3 girls. It was so funny. People walking by weren't quite sure if she was officially performing or.....
Or it was just a Birthday Dance!

Tourists love lights! It's a fact.

Ahhh Day Two. I may have forgotten some of you but my credit card has not.

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