Sunday, September 07, 2008

Wedding Bells For RyMar

Today I made the trek down to Newport Beach to celebrate the union of my good friend Ryan to his beautiful bride Marsha - whom I hereby dub with the celebrity couple name RyMar. :) Cruising down in the LexPrius was great (Handles surprisingly well 75mph, while still getting 45mpg .... ohhh yeah!), and they had a gorgeous setup at the Orange County Museum of Art.
The main area was decorated beautifully!
Warning: What you are about to see may cause a Cute Overload:
ZOMG. Cutest ring carrier ever!
Someone get this kid a 3 picture deal at Nickelodeon!
The rose petal girl was insanely cute too!!
Here comes the bride! How beautiful does Marsha look in that dress??
Ryan was beaming all night! They make such a great couple.
The full ceremony in effect!
Time for some vows, ya'll! Meanwhile, I was still impressed that:
Aliah, my BFF cousin who was my guest for the wedding, never seems to have a bad hair day.
Ryan's sister in law Lani sang a really pretty song during the ceremony.

They are now Mr. and Mrs. RyMar! :D
It was a great ceremony and everyone seemed to enjoy it! Aliah, stop crying! Seriously! ;)

But what happened next was just plain shock and awe:
THEY SERVED BOBA TEA! Yes! Seriously, you guys, best wedding drink evarrrr. :D You get a five star rating for serving boba (tapioca balls in flavored tea drink) there. So fun!! I was shocked.... and then quickly overcame the shock by having two.... or three glasses. :D
The invitations, guides, etc were all super cute and featured little caricatures of RyMar. :)
Oh look, Aliah has discovered the bar! Are we shocked? ;)
The appetizers were amazing, from the sushi, to the grape balls covered in cheese & ground nuts, mango pieces with mint and honey, etc... yum!
"Weddings rule!"

Here come the newly married couple!
They had an AMAZING slideshow created by Lani for them - definitely the best I've ever seen. It featured pictures from their childhoods up through adult life, friends, school, etc, all timed and sequenced to great music.
Awkward childhood pics! WOO!
Yeah, it got even prettier. :)
Ryan named our table Super Puzzle Fighter 2.... DUDE you rock. :) He and I used to play that every day back in Carlsbad at the office... sadly, he routinely kicked my ass, but I often gave him a run for his money. :D
The food was soooo good!
PAPARAZZI ATTACK! Lots of flashes all night.
Cake cutting! They had my favorite - strawberry shortcake. Burrrrp. It was almost too good.
Sadly, there was no face/cake smudging. And I had $5 on Marsha to win that one.
The first dance! Notice the lights...
The aforementioned caricatures were all lit up. How cute is that? :D
Daryl, another great friend of mine, was there and helped out by being a videographer.
A & I wore white & black - yes, it's after labor day, but we are sorta thrill seekers that way. Can you handle it?
Daryl and Stephen and I had fun hanging out, we were of course all at the game industry geek table. :) P.S. I'm not sure what's up with Daryl's expression here, but NO, no ass grabbing is happening. LOL!!
Aliah noticed a security guard that ... well... ok, looked freaking scary.
Yeah, I know, right? I didn't want to look him in the eyes for fear of losing my soul. Or seeing my own death. Or you, know, whatever.

As we headed out we got a photo with RyMar:
I love the ascending height dynamic that accidentally happened here. ;) Ryan's been a great friend for many years and it was awesome to be there to celebrate with him, they really put on a fun, entertaining wedding filled with great people, food, drink, and entertainment. Congratulations you two, I'm so happy for you!!!


Matt said...

aWW! This is the first wedding I know of that you weren't the minister. Hope it was as fun on the other side as it seemed.

Maylani said...

Hi Darion! It's Ryan's sis-in-law. Great pics & comments! They're so funny. I linked to your blog for their website. :) You're so nice, thanks so much!!