Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crazy/Fun/Busy/Wild... Tuesday.

It's been a wild and crazy/fun week - and it's only Wednesday! Ehr... Thursday now. I have an action packed weekend ahead, so I figured I better post these pics!

On Tuesday eve I met up with Trent, Josh, Loy, Brad, Randy, and Ben for a showing of Hamlet 2 at the Arclight:
It was pretty funny! We laughed a lot. Amy Poehler was amazing as always. It wasn't as good as I had hoped, but Rock Me Sexy Jesus is worth the admission alone.

We found a few photo ops after:

"Why thank you, Brad."

After it was off to Hyde to see my girl Sara to wish her a happy Bday in style!
Extendo-Arm in da hizzouse! Manny's friend Leo hung with us all night, he's here from London and was a blast to hang out with!
Oh... and did I mention it was also the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency's wrap party? Oh, yeah. So there were like, literally, dozens of models. Everywhere. It was a little insane. You couldn't throw a bump of coke without hitting a model in the ... nose. ;)
Manny rocks! He's such a great DJ, everyone had a blast!
The classic wall dancing started early. I dunno what move the dude in the vest here is doing, but the lil blonde I named Sunny McBosom seemed to enjoy it.
This lady had a few.
Which, much to our amusement, meant that shortly thereafter:
She pulled Sara up onto the wall and literally accosted her. On the wall. The flashes went crazy and everyone got pictures... yeah... good times. :) Poor Sara.

But what about the other side of the room?
Yeah, more model-infused wall dancing. Good times. It was an amazing night at Hyde!

After Hyde we hit up East/West so Sara could belt out a few tunes:
Drunk birthday karaoke = AWESOME.

Wednesday we continued Sara's bday celebration by attending the Paley Center's launch for ABC TV Shows, featuring Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, and Eli Stone...
It was fun but the event was a bit of a bust. Hardly any celebs showed, but we did pseudo stalk Swoosie Kurtz. :) Here she is.... btw she's so insanely skinny in person!
And here she is to our left!
We worked the cameras, ya'll.

After it was off to Marix for way too much Mexican food - I'm not eating for a day or three, I swear:
Bday Apple Pie Flan Custard Taquito Churro SURPRISE! WOO!
... burrrrrrrrp.
Sara's friends Giselle, Jim, Craig, and more came out to enjoy!
Lastly we hit O Bar for a few drinks before calling it a night... fun couple of nights! And the week's just getting started... oy vey! :D

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