Friday, September 26, 2008

Vampires, Rollercoasters, and Famous Cheerleaders

It's been a fun action packed week! I had to share some of these photos before the weekend hits and I'm too busy to blog!

Wednesday night I met up with Jordan to go to Declare Yourself, a party centered on getting young people to vote. It was at The Green Door, one of the hotter nightclubs in Hollywood.
The Paparazzi went CRAZY for Hayden Panatierre. Jessica Alba was supposed to be there too but I don't think she showed. Hayden's like a lil person...
I had to practically get on my knees for the photo. Ahhh, actors. She co-hosted the evening.

Danity Kane performed...
This one.... uhm... the 'less' whorish one, kept staring. Yeah... Hi. They sounded pretty good live, and only psuedo lipsynced some bits. :)
Aubrey O'Day, the 'really' whorish one, moves like a stripper on stage. It's impressive.
They performed Damaged and everyone squealed. Such a good song!

I had a blast hanging with Jordan, I haven't been able to see him much lately do to his habit of flying all over the world constantly. :)

Tonight I went to the opening of Knott's Scary Farm (Knott's Berry Farm converts into a full on Halloween theme, complete with actors and haunted mazes everywhere), thanks to my friend Vince. His friend Stephen organizes it, and we met up with Robb and Tanya - fun group!!
We of course started the night with a haunted buffet - and yes, they had people roaming around scaring you. Several items of food hit the floor, and in our group - I won't say who - but someone lost both a brownie and a chicken leg due to being scared. :D

Tanya was my rollercoaster buddy! We road some of them twice, and didn't throw up!*
I may have thrown up before in anticipation.
Kidding! FINE! GO! WOO!

I was so impressed how many actors they had. Hundreds were roaming around EVERYWHERE. As you walk along, you frequently get spooked. They had metal clasps in their gloves they could smack to make sound, it was really freaky! The makeup ranged from masks to amazing. There were at least 8 haunted houses, and they were WAY better then anything I've ever been in before. It was really fun and genuinely scary!!
This freaky clown took a liking to Vince and followed him... for awhile. It wasn't weird till we realized IT WAS A FREAKING CLOWN AND ALL CLOWNS SHOULD BURN IN THE FIERY DEPTHS OF.... ahem. Scuse me.
This rollercoaster was so full of AWESOME! The cars were shaped like freaking PONIES! The only way it could have been better is if they were unicorns! Yay!

Now, an important part of any holiday and theme park is complete crap and nutrionless, guilt laden crap food. We did our part to continue this:
Corn dogs!

And other things I didn't take pictures of, cuz the grease would have hurt my lens.
Horrible photo on my part, but this chick rocked. She was walking with like a dozen bird cages ... and... well it was cool.
Did I mention I'm betrothed? She's a lil older, a lil deader, but she doesn't say much, which is nice. She's also voting for Obama, McCain "gives her scary oldperson nightmares". Go figure.
Did I mention that following Tanya was amazing? In ALL the haunted houses, I and the other guys rarely got picked on... they always ALWAYS singled out 'the blonde girl'. :) Good times!

She even made friends with a ... thing who had a rat in his mouth. Yeah, he flicked the rat tail on her a few times... it was like some kind of cute courtship.
We had a blast, and I highly recommend going! Thanks to Stephen for organizing the whole night and Knotts for making such a fun mix - zombies, horror, mazes, roller coasters, and junk food. It doesn't get much better then that!

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