Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Strange Labor Daze

Hey peeps! I hope you had a great labor day! Mine was good, but not what I expected! It started out with the CW/90210 launch party in Weho:
Smart Water apparently hearts that 13-19 demographic. They also heart bitchy backstabbing storylines involving drugs, sex, and good looking late 20-something actors playing 16 year olds. :)

Sara was my date for the night and we had a blast! Afterwards we hit East/West lounge and called it a night...

Friday I went to see my friend Josh for a haircut, and was rudely interrupted on the way home by my piece of crap Chrysler product, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, falling apart and dying, again. I've been dealing with car probs for a few months now and it's gone from annoying to dangerous.

Long story short, the car died, I'll never buy an American car again, and luckily my family & friends were there to help me out. Aliah came up from the OC to hang and cheer me up:
We met Angela and Deborah for Happy Hour at Baja Cantina. YUM! The booze helped. It was great to get my mind off things for a bit.
P.S. Aliah showed up as soon as she heard the words Margarita. It flows through her veins.

On Saturday my ridiculously kind and smart friend Vince drove me all over LA car shopping! We had a blast, it was really fun trying out many different cars. I was back and forth and then drove a Toyota Prius and loved it... and had to have it! As most of you probably know, the Prius is near impossible to buy right now and even used models are going for $30k, with wait lists of 3 months on new ones...

Well Toyota happened to have 7 shipped in that morning and I got my paws on a brand new one!
Vince, my secret weapon and I with my new baby. It's a top of the line, rare Touring Edition, with Navigation, bluetooth, Xenon headlamps, speech system, etc etc etc. LOVES IT! As you can tell, the plastic was still on it... Vince coached me through the whole process and I ended up talking them down quite a bit in price.

And it only had ONE mile on it! I was the first person ever to drive it, w00t!
New, safe car that doesn't break down every 5 seconds = happy Darion! So, I have a new car, I LOVE IT, and it drives like a dream. Yay!!

I took it easy most of the weekend due to the stress of the car breaking down/etc, and had a few peeps over for BBQ'in on Monday:

I asked Ang to wait on me hand and foot, and she was a little slow. You'll notice she didn't even carry the chips around with her. Honestly, is it so much to ask? Service these days... I didn't tip 20% to say the least.
Helen, Julie, Vince, and Ang and I had a great time by the pool! You'll note Vince chugged the Margarita straight from the jar - I figured I owed him 5 or 6 of those for the car help. :)

Later on Yasmin and her supercool friend visiting all the way from Detroit swung by. We ate a bunch and then headed down to visit the jacuzzi:
Facebook photo!! Yasmin is ridiculously pretty, I think my neighbors were wondering if there was a swimsuit calendar shoot happening down here or what...
I guess there sorta was. :) She had to put her clothes back on after 3 car accidents, and a plane crash happened. I did warn her....
We had a great time, it was really fun hanging out with everyone and taking it easy this weekend. And I'm in lurve with my new Prius! Going from 14mpg to 48mpg kinda rocks. :)

Happy Labor Day!


Matt said...

My West Coast cohort -- congrats on your new car. You're doing me proud! Hope to visit you soon.

;) Matt

Strickland Maney said...

OMG...You got a Prius. I'm so jealous-but-happy for you. Canada has Prius taxis, how much cooler can you get than that?!