Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Return To Sunnydale

Most of you probably know I'm a big Buffy fan (uber Buffy nerd), but probably don't know how deep the rabbit hole goes... well here is some photographic evidence!!

Kirsten and I met Trent at the Buffy Sing Along @ the LA Film Festival in 2007, and we had been talking about going to Sunnydale (AKA Torrence) for awhile to see Buffy's house and school... and yesterday we went! Trent did a fantastic post on it that you must read here!

Staked in front of Buffy's house, you couldn't ask for much more.
RUN BUFFY! Ehr... Kiki....
Showin' some 'tude in the courtyard!
And on the stairway!

Yer mine now blondie!!! lol Kiki totally sells this with the super serious slayer look on her face. :DNooooooooo! :D

It was so much fun geeking out with them in land of Buffy - we were giggling like 12 year olds. Great fun!!! :)

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J-Craze said...

Love this post.. U and Trent.. Great blogs.. P.S. isnt this the school that Bring It On was filmed at as well?? It looks familiar for that as well..