Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday T!

I know I've been a bad blogger lately... I've been so focused on my career I haven't put time in to many other things. Anyways, things are looking up, and I've of course had a blast with my friends every night as always. Last night was no exception as we gathered to celebrate Trent's birthday:
We had a total blast! It was so much fun. He posted it here, I recommend checking it out ( lots of fun pics and assorted crazyness! We started the night out by eating for free at Chick-fil-A in Torrance (they hooked him up!):
Yeah, we packed away the food! It was so fun. :) I got a ton of sh** for ordering a salad, but I also had a chicken sandwich and the amazing waffle fries (burrrpp).
"Are ya gon finisssh thayt?"
The CFA cow joined us for some good times. The "Eat Mor ChickN" cow is of course their spokesperson and was quite friendly. He however kept asking us for bites of the food...
"Bitch, I will cut you."
Trent has a way of telling people no with the best smile on his face. Loves it!

After gorging, we came back to my place for a night full of drinks and Rock Band.
"Le Gang" blanket LIVES!
Trent's become an amazing friend who I've had the pleasure of knowing for a little over a year now (Him, Kirsten and I just celebrated our 1 year annivesary of meeting at the Buffy Sing Along!) and he's quickly become one of my favorite people. It was great to celebrate his 18th birthday together! Congrats, you can vote now!

David pretty much pwned the drums - he's like 1,000 times better then me at the drums. Last time I played someone asked me if I was legally retarded. Altho, to be fair, they said "legally special?".
It was a full house of great peeps!
We rocked out so hard we won a Deluxeliner Bus! Yeah baby!
Josh and I here go to show that you pretty much have to do the tongue thing as a guitarist.

I now also have the pleasure of knowing all my neighbors hate me; about the 7th time we wailed out Wonderwall by Oasis I was expecting the cops and/or Liam & Noel to show up with a bat.

Friday I met up with a bunch of friends but wasn't too camera happy (a first for moi), and met with Helen and her friend Esther for dinner and drinks:

I lurve Helen (we've been friends for 11 years now! The secrets she could tell/sell... cut me in babe) and Esther was a blast. Fun times!

Have a bunch of stuff going on today so it's time to get out and ... git 'er dun!

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Strickland Maney said...

Oh, it sucks I was out of town cuz I heart Chick-fil-A :(