Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Heart Coldplay - Live At The Forum!

Last night was easily one of the best concerts I've ever been to in my life - and ya'll know what a concert whore I am. I have to start off with BIG props to my amazing friend Josh who hooked me up with FLOOR seats to the very sold out show - the seats were some of the best I've ever had and I can't think him enough. YOU ROCK, SIR!!! :)
Coldplay had two shows at The Forum in Inglewood - and we saw the first show of the tour!! It's a lil ghetto there in Inglewood, but as arenas go it's not too ginormous. The acoustics are good and they sounded SO GREAT!
They have these giant balls lowered from the ceiling they projected video inside - it was pretty cool!
They change the backdrop several times, love the Viva La Vida cover art!
The lighting in the show was AMAZING, so good!!
PACKED house! :)
Cameron joined me for the festivities and we had a blast. Amazing seats, and such a great show!

The band was SUPER into it and I haven't seen a crowd react like that in quite some time. Chris Martin really comes alive on stage and was like a crazy rocker banshee - doing jumps, rolling on the floor, etc while performing...
Here's his gangsta pose, Inglewood style. Yo.
"ZOMG hey fans! Wassssup mate?"
Warddrobe change! It was "Too hot to wear the jacket" there. :)
"Jump if you like Coldplay! JUMP bitches!"
"Weeeeeeeeeeeee ruleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
"I don't care what you say Gwyneth! I am gonna crowd surf!!"
These giant balls, when not projecting video, changed colors... cool!

At one point they shocked EVERYONE by saying "We are tired of playing on stage.", and made their way up to "the cheap seats" to play next to a very happy crowd of people.

They of course had a bunch of security so as to not be mobbed.
Did I mention how awesome the lighting was?
The drummer sang one song solo that was kinda ... interesting.
Go guitarist #2! I love how no one can name anyone in Coldplay except Chris Martin. I told guitarist #2 he should date Madonna for a few weeks to get famous. It seems to work for baseball players.
Sing it Chris!! He played the piano and was so jazzed during the songs that he rocked back and forth on the stool like a madman. It was great! The energy in the arena was fantastic.
Towards the end of the show they shoot out THOUSANDS of butterflies - it's gorgeous! They are made of all types of paper, some shiny....
They they fire up huge black lights so all the butterflies glow. It was gorgeous and beautiful and amazing! YES ALL THREE!

I even provide video! Check out this short clip.
Viva, indeed!
Yeah, he jumped around a lot. The show was amazing and I had such a great time... Josh rules, Cameron and I are forever grateful for getting such amazing seats!
Butterflies: The aftermath.

Some more videos of the experience:

Viva! The energy the audience gave and they gave back was incredible. The crowd sang along to every song, pretty fun!! You could hear the entire arena singing at some points.

The light show trick they did here was incredible!

"Death and All of his Friends" - one of my fav chorus parts on the new album here.

Amazing show, so much fun, very memorable... oy! Good times. :)

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vwayner said...

great photos. so jealous. Coldplay was originally going to play Edmonton July 29th, but then they rescheduled the tour and they're going to eastern canada instead.
i've been waiting to see them again since 2003, but that concert was great and I was right up close!


and darion i am the concert whore!
over 100 concerts thus far!