Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Newcastle screening @ the DGA

On Sunday my friends Steph & Alek invited me to go see Newcastle at the Director's Guild of America. It was quite fun! Newcastle is an Australian movie about surfers, check out the website for more info!

The director Joe Castle was there and spoke about the filming - it took 5 years to get financing after he finished the script, ugh! The cinematography is AMAZING in the film and some of the water shots they got were just fantastic. They had 3 photographers from the Quicksilver team there to help get the shots they needed.

Nice to meet you, Joe!
- Freaky Man Giant
I ran into my friend Michael and his friend Jimmy, who just got back from a car show in Santa Barbra. I also ran into my friend JD Disalvatore but forgot to get a pick with her - d'oh!

Newcastle is a good film and goes into wider release in October, check it out!

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