Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sean Preston Guest Blogs

Hey ya'll! So my friend D-Lizzle asked me to guest blog my Halloween par-tay time with ya'll... ever since Momma started locking me in my room, I've learned to love to blog! Now just to figure out how to use this dang 'puter....
OK, pic one is a GO ya'll! That's me, Sean Preston. I love cheetos, peeing in public restrooms or outside, Starbucks, Budweiser, and talkin bout my Momma. And singin.Yes I do have a bruised eye... sometimes Momma gets angry... and I get in the way.... of her fist. It's my bad, ya'll!

This is my shirt... there's so many great photos of Momma there! She's the prettiest dang lady in the country of California!
So on Wednesday these crazy chicks named Nancy & Heather invited me and Jayden James (my bro) out to see the parties in North Hollywood. I guess there's a bunch of LA Movie types that live there and go all crazy decoratin' and shizz. It was pretty tighhtttttt. No nose candy, tho. :/
This was Andy Garcia's house. This chick named Angela practically pasted herself onto the gate. I was like, dayumn, ya'll. Homegirl's whack.
This show was the bizzy-omb! They were throwing guts, blood, and all sorts of things in this plastic tarp around as a mad doctor hacked away at victims.... It was like Saw Live!
These people were kinda rude and smelly, ya'll. They reminded me of Grandma and Grandpa.
There was even shizz in the trees at these places!
Their entire yard was converted into a graveyard, complete with limbs coming out. Hahaha, city folk ya'll...
The whole group! Whatsherface, crazy, pretty, prettycrazy, Jayden James, funky, tipsy, shorty, Roomba, Iris, Lily, Rose, Gardenia, Jesus, BetsyRoss, ... shizz I can't even make up enough fake names. It's a good thing I'm a master at self-photos ya'll! They were all cool peeps, they even drank a few Buds with me...

Next it was on to WeHo for more crazyness, ya'll! Or Halloween with my 300,000 closest friends.
They had these big stages set up, it was pretty tiiiiighhhhtttt!
What party ain't complete without food, ya'll? Good thing I brought my own cheet-o's, cuz they wusn't sellin em!
These kids were crazy. I dunno what they were, but the lil redhead in front I named Busty McGee.

These people were dressed like something out of a f***ed up Sofia Coppola movie - which, I guess, is ANY Sofia Coppola movie. I think I peed a little, ya'll.
This lady was nice. I named her Grabby McGrabberson. She was vurrrry friendly.

A few people came out... it was like any ol day at the mans'.

These girls recognized me right away! They were like "OMG Sean P I love your cheetos!" I was like "Momma callz em Baby Sticks!" ... or was that cigarettes? I never can remember... but the gurlz loved me, ya'll! Sean Preston Spears Federline has fans everywhurrrr!
This poor transformer had a lil hag attached. I hear Penicillin helps with that, G.

Next up I got realllz excited, and I found someone I almost never see:
MOMMA! IS IT YOU? She was standing in the street yellin "Anyone see my babies? Who has my babies?".... awww! She then went barefoot into the outhouses to leave a dump.... she was just like Momma! However, she was wearing underwear, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't Momma after all. :(

This poor beauty pagent winner caught fire... and nude people were taunting her to the right! Only in California, ya'll!
Crazy tree man had a hard time walkin round...
This lil gymnast kept pulling on to rings attached to nothing! It was amazin ya'll!
This guy was attacked by a bear! Nice! It's kinda like what I always wish would happened to Dad so I get the money and... ehhh.... nevermind ya'll.
Mario, Luigi, Bert and Ernie. They were all a lil creepy if you ask me.
These fellers jumped up on the stage support to take photos. That's not dedication, that's just whack!
RAMBO! You are my hero!
These Tina Turners made my tummy feel funny.
That, or it was the street hot dog I ate, and threw up on them.
Sean P surrounded by his fans! Good thing everyone thought I was someone else pretending to be Sean Preston, ya'll!
These crazy cat people had amazin makes up....
But not as amazin as me!
Me and Jayden James! He ran into Chris Crocker "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE" and he quite liked his shirt... I quite liked Chris's face re-arranged by my fists. Leave that alone, bitch.
I thoughtz this girl was a tranny, as she kept hitting on this cop... but she was a real woman! You really can't tell sometimes, ya'll.

The Flinstones were here in their own car! It was awesome!
The Asians loved this costume, but I didn't get it ya'll....

So I got a hankerin for Momma's Life Juice... ever since I was 2 she started feeding me Life Juice and I can't go more then a few hours... so I went by to get some!
Oooooh so many kinds of juice to choose from!

All the peoplez working there loved me... true fact: All Starbucks employees have met my Momma!Ahhhhh the taste of sucess!
Well that's about it... hope ya'll had a Happy Halloween! Till next year....
Sean Preston Spears Federline
The 1st
Age 21


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