Monday, November 26, 2007

I Heart Mexican Thanksgivings

HOLA! My Thanksgiving pretty much ruled this year... I joined Momz and Pops at their favorite Mexican getaway they've been going to for several years in Mexico... it was amazing! We had such a great time.

The setup:
All inclusive
All you can drink
All you can eat

Yeah, after that, the pictures pretty much caption themselves. I can now say I've had a drink at 10:30am. I was like "IT'S 5:00 SOMEWHERE!". Yee ha!
I took over a gazillion photos, so let's get started!
Flying in, things instantly looked a lil different then LA.
The airport didn't have quite the same feel.

Getting to the hotel was pretty fast, despite seeing some packs of wild dogs roaming the streets as we went through the ghetto - hey, it's apart of the experience!
Did I mention the room had a great view?
The hotel was really nice, and had a great setup. This room is where they had gambling night twice - poker, blackjack, roullette. So fun!
They have 3 main dining areas, 3 bars, and a snack bar. Oy! Eating fresh fruit every morning outside was great.
Yeah, I overate. :)
In my room, I was attacked by a cobra...
But luckily it wasn't poisonous.
The view from the other side of the building, so green! And it didn't rain once while I was there!
We walked to dinner the first night, and saw this cool Casablanca style eatery.
Fresh fish! YUM! It was dee-lish. Especially the eyeballs. Crunchy AND juicy!
The waiter decided to spice up our photo. Everyone was so nice everywhere!

This is a cool jungle bar called Kopado's that's set up like a treehouse.

The next day we played around in the ocean, slept in, overate, drank, and then got down to the beach to watch them release new baby sea turtles into the ocean:

They drew quite a crowd! They all flopped towards the water, so cute!
I named him Fred!
So cute! I hope they all lived!

The kids were quite interested in the baby turtles!
Run guys run!
Pretty sunsets! OY!
Prettier! Aaaah I gotta fly back!

That night for dinner, Mom wore a special lil something and she insisted I take a pic to share with BFF Trent:
Yes, it's a pink wig like the one Britney wore for awhile. Kind of ironic considering my Halloween costume! :D
Just like Britney, Mom was caught going for a few "Happy Mommy Pills". At least she wasn't driving. And Texting.
She did, however, run over my foot.
Fruu fruu salads make broken feet feel better, FYI.
The whole gang! BFF's Kirsten and Ben joined us for the Mexican Thanksgiving.

Ben met the lovely hostess and I can't remember her name, so let's call her PrettyWhiteDressWithBelt.
Random buffet shot!

We started the night off with a bang by singing karaoke. I busted out with All Shook Up by Elvis Presley (and later in the night, did a lil Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash - woo!).
LK the Brave sang a beautiful Patty Cline song and then followed it up with fellow Aussie Natalie Imbruglia's Torn - she probably had the best voice of anyone in the house! She rocked it.
That's my girl!
Ben got the house jumping and totally worked the crowd, it was great! The next night two diff ppl came up and asked him if he was a professional entertainer. :)
Everyone was impressed! Go B!
Dad sang Love Me Tender by Presley to Mom and got like a million "Awww's".

The host was even impressed!
Ben also blogs, and has a blog over on myspace - here he is in action!While I lurve my trusty Canon SD800, he uses a phone... nice!

Random insect shot:
Praying mantis FTW!
Random car shot:
Heheh, yeah, it is funny.
Ben and I hit up Christine's the next night, a local club:
Doesn't it just look like the cover of your favorite telenovela?
The blonde is preggers with Chavi's baby, the left brunette is in a coma but is also preggers with his baby, and the one on the right is just a slut.
It was fun! Unfortch there weren't many people there (other then this old guy and these two prostitutes we made fun of all night, as one kept crying, and we kept seeing them with diff old guys during the week!).
They had a great mix of music, including some live Kylie performances!

Did I mention the hotel was nice?
Big arse pool!
Outdoor seating area!

Awesome beach! Warm waves!
SWIM UP BAR! No, I don't know why I left...
Another bar!
POOL! The waterfall in it was great too. :)
BAR! Lots of drinks... we were all double fisting it by 11am. WOO! Kiki knows how to party.
We also did a bit of shopping, where mom got the nicknames Hagglemaster and Mama Haggles. She worked it! Seriously, she got 50% off what they were asking for on most stuff. It was awesome.
We'd show mom what we wanted and walk away. I think we should have given her commission...
There are lots of great outdoor restaurants everywhere. :)
The markets are cool, a lot of them have the same stuff so you kind of roam and haggle.
Or tell mom what you want and walk away. ;)
Lots of bling!
While mama haggled, Ben and I took a photo with the "guy who can't keep his junk in his shorts". Yeah, I have no idea.
Every day we rode the waves... which Mom and Dad often led the charge. We also go massages, $15 for an hour! WOO!
Hi M&D!

We went to swim with the dolphins at the Dolphinarium...

Pink is the new Dolphin Tower!

Hi camera!
You do tricks with the dolphins which is super fun. Here they push your feet and you fly through the air like superman. :)
Ben did better then I did. :)

OMG KIKI LOOK OUT! A SHARK! RUN! RUNNN! ... oh nm.They were pretty cool to swim with up close. Their skin feels amazing!
They are such cool creatures.
They do have some serious teeth, which is scary...But they are my peeps. :) We grabbed a few Cervaza's later and then had some fish soft tacos... they eat 30 pounds a day! Needless to say I wasn't happy when I got stuck with the bill... dolphins, never bringing their wallets!
Pretty sunsets abound! They released turtles again a few nights later.
Turtles + tourists = fun!

Random gelato shot for Angela and Shelby... ;)
Random tequila store shot for everyone!

Later that night they had a beach party we went to:
Dad here reacts to mom doing a two-step in what was clearly the wrong dance provided the tempo of the music. I blame Dancing With The Stars.
Ben looks very suspicious here. I wonder if he spiked his own drink.

Great setup!Mom danced with everyone and had a lot of fun, I think we represented for the US of A!

Look kids! A Mexican jail!

Later we went to Carlos and Charlies, this awesome bar/eatery/hangout place, that also strangely had really great club music....
They had the BEST balloon animal maker there doing these crazy arse hats for everyone! It was hilarious!!
And good fajitas!
'Japon' isn't good enough to have a clock, apparently.

We noticed a rather tall lady and went by to say hi....
I'm still a little blind.
Ben studied 'it'.

Unfortch Ben & LK had to take off... but for me it was back to the beach the next day to ride more waves! YEEE HAW!
Under the palapas + fresh Pina Colada = heaven!

AHEM, next up I decided to play with my fear of DEATH and go parasailing.
"You crazy blanco nino... just hold on and don't die..."
"Paco, we got another crazy gringo!"
"Uhm... if something should happen, give my Canon SD800 to another blogger!"

Here's a fun video of the takeoff:

Yeah, good times!
WOO! I was so freakin high.
Scariest + most beautiful thing I think I've ever done.
I went wayyy far out, over the rocks, and such. Crazy. FUN!
I tried to take out the other parasailer, but my gun jammed, and I lost Spy Club. :(
I landed safe and sound, and am stronger for it!
Fear of heights - you MY bitch now.
"Palm Trees. We even purty at night."
Look kids! A Mexican sawed-off convertible! Now with 50% less legality!
More silver then you can shake a churro at!*
*Churros are really not that common, much like every stereotype Taco Bell serves up.

Damien and Kirk flew in the last day I was there and it was wonderful to see them:
The five of us on the beach! Actual conversation:
Darion: I want a photo!
Kirk: We should ask someone.
Damien, Mom, Dad, Me: EXTENDO-ARM!!!!

We had dinner at the Italian restaurant there . Muy Bien!!

I missed my Ang, so I decided to do some Stalker Eyes (TM).Unfortch it just wasn't the same.
Kirk tried on a wig, and he totally worked it. FAB!
I tried it too, and it was kinda hot but it itched like a bad case of ... mullet head.
Damien got a bit Cruiseazy from all that travelling and went insane:
It's cool, cuz then Mom went Cruiseazy on Kirk's ass.
Yeah, you see the fingers come out and you know some ass gon be kicked.
For some reason, momz decided to attack my defenseless foot...
And I had to defend myself.
Yes, did I mention the open bar folks?
The last day I was there we hit the beach:
FYI Kirk, it's not Florida.
Damien has a film camera. I think she got it at an antique shop. TWENTY YEARS AGO.
Hardy har har.
I felt like sharing... my hotel "Do not disturb" sign said "NO MOLESTAR". That's right maid bitches, no molesting me while I sleep! WOO!

We all rode the waves together, which was SO MUCH FUN!
Here's how it goes:

Pick a wave, it better be big!
STEP 2: JUMP! Grab your board and line up with that wave!
STEP 3: RIDE! Don't crash! MOM, stop slamming into me! RUDE!

STEP 4: Crash onto the sand! Laugh! Realize sand gets in places you didn't know you had!
Oh, and Mama Haggles even worked it on the beach. Under the palapa guys come by selling ALL sorts of things, and we got some great beachfront deals!

SO FUN! My feet even look relaxed.
Unfortch all good things must come to an end, and I had to fly home. I had an amazing trip with LK, Ben, my sis and bro-in-law, and Mom & Dad, and it was a wonderful holiday with lots of good memories.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
I'm back into the grind, work is crazy, and I'm ready for another vacation! ... Why did I leave again? ;)


s said...

damn that looks awesome...i wanna go next time!

Matt said...

You fricking one-upper. :P Looks like a blast, minus getting stuck with the dolphin's bill. Oh and I don't buy for one minute that the brunette in the coma is carrying Chavi's baby. Get too much tequila in you and I'm ashamed to call you my friend.