Friday, November 16, 2007

Friends: Check. Celebs: Check. Crazy: Check. Fun: CHECK!

OK I'm a bad, bad blogger! These pics are a few ... hours... ehr... days... ok... possibly a week or two old. OY! I've been swamped with work and simply too much going on. So let's start off with a bang!

I met up with Vince, Julie, Kirsten, Angela, and the beautiful guest star Ashley at GLOW at the Marriot in Marina del Rey two weeks ago for a change of pace... it was fun!!
Expect us on a Calvin Klein billboard anyday. Vince and I had to fight the ladies off with blunt objects.
The married couple will always pose for the cameras.
The atmosphere was great! It was so cool there. Ehr, warm? Cozy? Trendy?
The outdoor living room setup never gets old. :)
Hi Julie Miss Flava(TM)!
Ang and Ashley are the cutest! (No Calvin Klein billboards, but maybe a fragrance ad or something)
AWWW! LK! :)
OK, now we are the cutest trio. 4-evah!
Angela was finding all sorts of food on the table... I'm not sure what this lil red thing was....
Yeah, she ate it. Homegirl knows how to party.

Ash poses, and I give her BLUE STEEL(TM).

Julie owed me some money (the truth is boring, so let's say DRUGS)....
And it felt odd to just take it, so I danced for her. All sexy like. You can tell in the photo she's looking confused and a lil scared.

GLOW bar is so cool! It was a good night. Good drinks!
The whole gang in a big superchair!

After, because I needed more booze, I met up with Matt for a few drinks to catch up....

And in typical LA fashion, we ran into a celeb.
Look kids, it's Lance Bass! He was there with a huge entourage, he's in town promoting his book that's apparently selling really well. I became BFF's with his BFF Heather and everyone was very nice.

Saturday LK and I met up with Mike and his friend since Kindergarten (!!) Bari, who was very nice and fun to talk to (even after being up for like 20 hours from her long flight!).
We ate at Cravings which was dee-lish!

Last Wednesday I went to see Borat at Borders Bookstore - he's in town promoting his new book! Yes, it's really him, not one of the bazillions of impersonators.

As you can see, a few other people felt like going as well. Kirst and I didn't want to wait in line, so we walked around a bit and we just wanted to catch a glimpse of him... when lo and behold, he had to go to the bathroom! So naturally we mobbed him along the way out. ;) It was hilarious! He was in full character and the whole time he was saying "High five!" and everyone wanted to slap his hand... and lots of "Niiiiceee!".
There was a sea of flashes, and cheesy camera phones everywhere!
"ZOMG Madonna?!?"
"No, better... BORAT!"

Yep, really him! He was great.

After we went to Pink Taco to meet "The Gang(TM)" for dinner, it was dee-lish! Kirsten was the meat/vegimite in our man-wich. ;)
LOL! More coming soon... I'm so behind! ;)

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