Monday, November 19, 2007

Kelly.... Miss Clarkson If Ur Nasty

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll! I'm about to start my Thanksgiving festivities... but first, some recent fun!

On Thursday I met Julie, Angela, Dao, Chris, and Kirst for dinner at Ogamdo, a crazy Korean restaurant that Dad found online... Pretty wild place, the review was titled "If Tim Burton Ran A Chinese Restaurant", and that's super accurate!
There are boats on the roof, various colored Xmas lights everywhere, and all sorts of nautical stuff....
The table was nicely decorated, altho I think Ang just throws rose petals everywhere she goes.
There was an empty seat as poor Vince couldn't make it. :(
There's crap to look at everywhere.
EVERYWHERE. I love that they had John Deere signs all over the place, along with license plates.
It's like Asia meets 1920's America.
But of course you have to have spices and teas!

And... uh... other stuff?
Yeah, you got me.We had a lot of fun! :) It was a crazy place to check out.

Next up I went with LK to meet up with Trent and David to check out Griffith Observatory at the top of Los Angeles! It's in the hills and gives you a great view.

Unfortch it was smoggy as hell so you really couldn't see a whole lot. :(
They just completed a 4 year $96 million renovation so the place looked great!

The Hollywood Smog Sign!Uranus! Hahahaha
It was colddddd out too! (Cold in LA speak - 64 degrees)
I nearly froze!

We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner after to see the American version of Aussie food - which, apparently, has nothing to do with Aussie food. :)

What else says Australia like cheesy fries covered in bacon? AND dipped in ranch?
Oh my heart....

We got a few drinks after, and of course my camera reared it's ugly head:
Sup David? I have to make my way out to NY!!!
Hey LK!
We decided (after a few Mojito's) to do the SNL Roxbury dance with Kirst in the middle...
Yes, it was as awesome as it looks. :D

On Sunday Cam & I caught Kelly Clarkson at Gibson Amphitheater, and she put on an amazing show...
Jon McLaughlin opened and he was great!
Her show opens with an exact recreation of the album cover from the last album. Then it goes dark and she's singing, it's pretty cool!
The girl can SING! She rocked the house, everyone was going crazy!
Not an empty seat in the house. :)

She sang all the hits and a few others, and unlike Evanscence, she actually played the songs we wanted to hear! :DThe fog was hella thick and created a cool effect outside! lol

Have a great holidayyyyyyyyyy!

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