Thursday, December 21, 2006

There's no place like home

Made it home to Oregon... nice to be out of the concrete jungle that is LA.
Nice to have a break from the smog and water that smells like pool water. :)
Taking it easy and trying to get over the plague I picked up, relaxing and sleeping in, eating lots of home cooked food... and taking photos! Ready for lots of wolf dog photos? :)
She's so friggin cute. And playful!
And huge. Only 6 months old and she's already a good 40 pounds.
This pic would probably be the last thing you ever see if you were to encounter a wolf in the wild:
She remembered me right away. Awwwww!
Getting ready to hunt!
Mom on a bridge going over a creek. The woods are soooo green from all the rain.
Lil Buddha (album due Febuary 2007 on Interscope records) chillin' in the mossy tree.
It says "Yoneda Family". Friends of ours put that up 12 years ago overlooking the lake.
The lake is full and beautiful, tons of geese right now.

Mossy Tree (perfume due March 2007 from Elizabeth Taylor - she got tired of the whole white diamonds thing.)...
God rays! Welcome!
The view of the lake changes dramatically after just a few minutes. Purdy!
I miss you Akita! You're the best!
Bast reflecting on life and nature.... and what she can catch. :)
Lil' Shiva (Album due on EMI, April 2007 featuring Timbaland and Mos Def).

You probably know puppies like to chew... does she ever!

I know you are probably thinking "Awww what a cute puppy".... well, she also loves to leave presents for us all around the house. Like, for example, entrails of small furry creatures. Occasionally she'll pick them up and happily fling them in the air.
Tesla, the ageless kitty. 17 years and still going strong!

Panther kitty FTW!
Happy Holidays ya'll! Peace out!

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