Monday, January 01, 2007

Home pics part dieux

I made it back safe from Oregon despite numerous travel problems... long story short, the plane Alaska Airlines had me on had failing/broken brakes, but asked the pilot to keep flying, he said no, and I (and 40 others) got stuck in Bend/Redmond overnight. Sigh. It sucked, but better safe then sorry! I made it home a day late and tired/cranky, but all good. :)
So here are the remaining OR trip pics!
We have to start off with the dogs, of course. Bast was surprised by a visit from her cousins! They tore the place up - who let the dogs out, INDEED!
Mom did a great job decorating the tree looked beautiful. The present pile was INSANE!
Family photo, Lowenstein style!
Took the dogs on a walk on Christmas Eve... Bast (wolf) and Banelli (Boxer) were fighting almost the whole way. It was hilarious! I captured some good action shots.
Dog fight!!!
Christmas dinner was soooo good. I haven't eaten that much in ages. See, this is why I don't cook; I just can't compare. Oh man, looking at this pic makes me hungry....
Kirk was ready to eat!
I got Damien one of those "Softest robes on earth" from Bath & Body Works. You know, the damn things really are that soft. I used to think it was a hoax but....
She hasn't taken it off since Xmas!

After whimpering and hiding from her cousins earlier, Bast later stole their dog bed. Poor Guiness and Banelli were staring pitifully in the windows.... "WHY US?"
Have you ever seen a messier floor after Xmas? lol
Rainbow! This was to signify my day-after Xmas sale shopping spree on which I found a Wii! Yay!
We went to Belknap Lodge to chill for a night. It was beautiful. It's an old nicely renovated cabin with riverfront rooms and fresh hot springs that come out of the mountain. They have a full size swimming pool filled with the hot spring water. It's so relaxing.
This picture gives you an idea of how close the river is. The pool gives off a ton of steam! It was sooo cold in Oregon. Brrrr - 30's and 40's. That's like 100 below if you are Californian.

Close up of the hot springs coming out of the mountain.

Filming in 2007: Blair Witch 5 - Return Of The Oregon Witch King
Stone background FTW!
The rooms are nice and rustic - no phone, no tv, and a nice river view. It was snowing and hailing (and raining of course) while we were there.
This makes me wanna go river rafting....

They have lots of hiking trails. It's really pretty.

Part of their big renovation included this crazy Romanesque pond/stream/thing.
This is the view from Mom and Dad's place.
Artsy shot of Tesla, the 17 year old wondercat with approximately 28 lives.
The fireplace was always going.... nice to play some DS/PSP in front of it. ;)

Bast was growing a lot! She's around 50 pounds now and will probably hit 100 pounds. She's only 6 months!
She's such a little poser. She fits in the wilderness so well.
Vogue Vogue Vogue Vogue.... Oregon edition.
Hi! Get that camera out of my face, or you lose an appendage!
Listen buddy! I mean business! (I love the scowl here)

Sunset 2006!

Part two!
She looks so natural in the woods.
Dad's cabin overlooking the lake.
David the nature photographer! There were lots of geese and birds flying about.
I have a strange expression here because I can't see concrete or smell smog... it was.... odd....
We found this crazy ass nest up in the trees. It was HUGE! I think a pterodactyl built it. That, or Barbra Walters. I hear they both like to nest in trees. It's the only explanation.
Crazy moss attack! GO!
This is some crazy Lord of the Rings shit, yo.
Puppy! Fun pic. Happy Holiday's ya'll!

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