Saturday, December 02, 2006

Thanksgiving, Vegas style

So we went to Vegas for Thanksgiving again this year. It was fun, but like twice as crowded as last year. :( Sigh. The traffic was awful going there and coming back, even though we left on Thanksgiving day and came back on Saturday. Boo! Still had fun though.
My anger with traffic ranged from obscene....
To outright exhaustion.
Once finally there, we got in line for the Bellagio buffet around 7:00 - unfortunately the line was already shut off! BOO! Freaking 2.5 hour line. Nothing like last year. So, that sucked. We ended up going to the Bellagio cafe which actually had an awesome turkey dinner, complete with super tasty pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie. It was delicious!
While in line we were in the Bellagio indoor gardens. They were gorgeous!
If not a lil spooky. :D
The lights indoor constantly change, always providing a different view.
The level of gardening and decoration is amazing. I'm sure it takes awhile to set up.

Simply gorgeous! The birds made out of plants were so cool.
Squash anyone?
The gang at dinner....

Next, we ventured through the Bellagio shops to see how the other half lives... ehr, shops. Apparently, the rich folk buy things like: A dress made out of chocolate!

Now granted I *may* have had one .... or six... drinks with dinner. But I'm telling you, the chicks in the shops area were HOT! I couldn't resist hanging with a few of them. These girls were so fab... mode, even! They were such posers, I tried to hang with them....
But everyone knows Chanel is for poor rich people. I mean, come on, they sell that shit at Macy's ya'll. Here I'm pointing out Dior.... and stuff.
"Come on baby, I'm a producer. You wanna be famous? Take my card. Are you a model? You'd be a star in Hollywood...."I guess mirrored fronts are in!

These girls were COLD. Not only did they not say much, and were kinda still, they were freaking blasting snow!
Then we walked through The Venetian. Gorgeous!

Oooh lala!
Then it was on to La Reve at The Wynn. Awesome show! It's a huge circular stage with water everywhere and the performers come from underwater, the roof flying down on ropes and other things, etc. It's by Dragone who started Cirque du Soleil. Awesome show, funny too. Everyone loved it.Water! Nighttime! Fun!

Unfortunately I got sick later in the trip - the cigarrette smoke was really horrid this year. :( But still had a great trip, even with the crowds and traffic!


BS Family said...

What a GREAT holiday you had!

Sure enjoy how you write your adventures up and the photos are fun too!

Living through your blog and lovin it!

s said...

damn d, you looking all stylish these days :)