Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Midweek Dee-light

I have a few more fun photos, the weekend was great and so far the weeknights have been a blast as well! I can barely keep up with it all. :)

Monday I met up with LK and T to have dinner at Hal's on Abbot Kinney in Venice before he flies away for a few weeks... it was great! The dinner was dee-lish!

LK toasted the chef....
Trent high fived the chef....
And I was too busy stuffing my face with all the gourmet goodness to say a damn thing to a dude in white coat.

We'll miss T but I'm pretty sure he'll miss his #1 Aussie (sorry Kylie) and his fav "Freaky Man Giant". :)

Tonight I met BFF's Nancy and Heather along with the ever fab Angela & LK for dinner at Pink Taco, and we had a blast, lots of laughter (and no one was drinking!* I swear!), and super fun convo. It was like a rollercoaster of HAHA, ya'll.

*Angela is pretty much always drunk.
Oh yeah, I was also the one man with four ladies... I felt like a pimp till Nancy pointed out I spilled salsa on my pimp cane, then I just felt stupid.

Ironically, we ran into Trent with supercool peeps Danielle and Jean who I haven't seen since his bday party:
Small world! Even tho it's eery being followed, I still heart all my stalkers, so I took a photo of them.

Of course Angela and I had to do something silly, so we decided to recreate the Lindsay Lohan pic that's now infamous (in my head):See Linday's almost bored "take the pic and leave, nerd" look, and my "OMFG OMFG OMFG IT'S LINDSAY FREAKING LOHAN OMG SHE TOUCHED ME OMFG SOMEONE PINCH ME OMFG I THINK I JUST SHAT MYSELF" grin on my face.
The results pretty much speak for themselves. Same cheeky grin that's all teeth, and she mastered the "I'm so hawttt I'm bored" look. Oh Ang.

A few weeks ago we met The Gang(TM) at Tart @ The Farmer's Daughter:

It was a blast! It was the first meeting of The Gang(TM) with Corey and we all pretty much heart him. Plus in this pic you can see how stylish all our shoes are!

Last but not least... I found two photos from my Xmas Oregon trip I forgot to blog! The first is of everyone's favorite wolf dog Bast wishing me a safe flight with her sad face.... aww!

But cuter then a puppy, are my friends Tina and Jill and their adorable twins Jo and Cole.Not only are Jo and Cole Sears-Photo-Ads cute, they are also incredibly well behaved - I hope I can be as good a parent as they are one day! They are truly a wonderful happy, loving family, and it really shows. I only wish I saw them more often!

Well that's all, I can't believe it's only Tuesday... 3 more days of work? :(

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