Sunday, February 03, 2008

Birthdays are better in three's

What a crazy week it's been! I worked my ass off during the week and did a lot of 12+ hour days... ugh.... but this weekend was so fun! I mobile-blogged some pics from the Superbowl party @ J&V's today, and will post some more pics soon - I FAILED and brought my camera without it's memory card. Hahaha!

Friday was so fun! Both of my LA gangs (dayumn, I'm so street ya'll) met up for a 3X birthday party at Glow Bar - yes, there really are cool places in Marina del Rey!
Here we see Trent hugging Angela (she paid him), Tanya hitting on Mike (pretty sure got his digits - sorry Robb), Paul and Corey looking stylish (they never stop), and LK chatting up with David. Oh, and Dao looking surprised. HI DAO! I like shouting things and then taking photos. You always get a great expression.
Good lord that was overly verbose. I'm making up for the writer's strike, ya'll.
Here was have The Amazing Miss Lisa - note our color coordinated outfits. Yeah, we call each other each morning. Don't hate.

Next up I was attacked by Pretty:
Yup, I survived.
Trent hates the papparazzi - IRONIC, I know. Don't get me started.

He did, however, decide to join Angela for our regularly scheduled Stalker Eyes (TM):
Yeah, it's scary as all shizz. I think the palm tree got kinda wilty.
I stalked them next - RAWWR! However the extra-special-guest-star Robb in the background wins - he's just in shadow enough to be scarier then Paula Abdul sans makeup.

Another group shot! Notice my super hawt diagonal camerawork. Yeah, it does indeed rizzock!

Happy Birthday LK!!! A prettier wife one could not ask for!
Dao and Julie listened to Robb's rendition of Stairway to Heaven. Who knew there was a 12 minute version? You rock dude (FWIW, he kicked ALL our asses in Rock Band today!)!
Also Vince on the right's bday is coming up but celebrated on Friday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY VINCE!!!
Me with Mike and the Trentster posing with a crane camera who happened to be in the area - oh wait, that's my Extendo-Arm(TM)!
Here we have superfly Dao and the lovely Julie who turned a ravishing 27! She rocked the Pashmina and then tried to get all street on me that night - it was cute.
Props to Robb who once again cameos in the background. Listen dude, you are cool but Stalker Eyes(TM) is sorta my thing.
Here's a cute pic - Mike, steal Kirsten and I'll hunt you down. Peace. ;)

Robb decided to back off Stalker Eyes(TM) and come up close:
Him and Tanya are hilarious!

So halfway into the night (and with nonstop revelers coming by to wish the Birthday Three HBD), our space started to get taken over by a bunch of people dressed up as doctors... Yeah, I know. Only in LA. So naturally I went over and became BFF's with them!
They were so damn funny! They all came out for their friend who just had knee surgery and show their support - by dressing up as doctors and hot nurses, of course. It's like Halloween in February! I so heart LA.
The nurse heard I had heart issues and started to give me an exam - in public no less!
The doctors didn't seem to mind (not to start rumors, but I think they were drunk...).

Naturally they had to give the birthday girl an exam:
But she didn't seem to mind.
Not sure what is happening here... close your eyes kids.
They determined she needed a shot - I think it worked!

The lovely Jennifer stopped by for a drink, who I found out is a nurse:
She tasted very nursey. That's a good thing.
Male nurses can be cool. That's my Blue Steel Tylenol, bitches.
That's my one-too-many-drinks-crazy-Magnum.
I always knew LK would hook herself a doctor.
LK and I with the worlds most famous power blogger couple! :D
Wait! Someone needs some spanking!
... Or something. Hahaha!

I met up with Paul, Corey, Mike, and my new friend David for lunch on Saturday at Toast, which was dee-licous. I have to send a SUPER BIG MEGA Thank You to David who hooked me up with an AMAZING gift for my amazing BFF Valerie... You ROCK dude!

That night Trent and I joined David and his friend Jamie for some fun dancing and crazyness at Akbar:
I felt like a freaky man giant... so yeah, typical Saturday night. :)
We had a blast! It was so fun. David and Jamie are hilarious and we all had a great time. Trent and I had the much-required 3:00am burger and fries at Mel's Drive In to top the night off... it was a great night! So much fun.

With that, I'm out - have a non-sucky week!


Valerie said...

At this point I am ready to fly to L.A. to pick up my gift! lol Me curious? Noooo.

And thank you David for being part of the process even though I have no idea what it is!

s said...

I wish E3 was still going on...I wanna come down and partay!