Monday, February 25, 2008

Carnivale, Beer Pong, Sombreros, and Paula Abdul

... Yeah, that title pretty much sums it up.

ARGH! This post is like a week late cuz I've been too busy. Let's play catchup shall we?

On Valentine's Day Matt and I ventured out forth into the city - and they were holding a Carnivale celebration at The Abbey which was pretty cool:
Altho the dancers did look a bit... Uhmm.... how to put this....

I know, I know, you think I'm being harsh.

Well, check out the expression of Exhibit A:
PRICELESS. Yes, you know what he's thinking.
"WTF IS THAT??!?!?!"
LMAO Click the pic to enlarge, it's worth it, trust me!
This next one is cute:
I love it when hobbits meet and get all lovey dovey.

I had to capture a pic of this next sign:
So naturally, I went home and changed... BOO!

Next up was Fiesta Cantina which featured everyone's favorite drunken pastime across the USA:BEER PONG! Yes, it's true, even in LA it's still a dope way to get tanked. G.
God, I'm so white.
My skin says "I REFLECT THE SUN! GRRRR!"
P.S. You don't wanna know what Matt did to get those beads.
P.P.S. I will tell you for $5, I'm really not a very loyal friend.

Next up was Vince's bday party at ... where else? Paco's Tacos!! Yay!
Vince was a sport and wore not one but TWO Fiesta Birthday hats...

Unfortunately for Vince, I was there with a camera and I have internet access.
Robb: "OMFG I'm glad it's not MY birthday...."
Damn you LK! You look good in EVERYTHING!
"The girls love it! Try it Robb! They LOVES it!"
"We loves it! WHEEEEE!!"
"Mi Colonel Santiago un 14th Battalion... and mi last day en Mexico es tomorrow! Mucho kissy time, senorita!"*
*I learned Spanish from Dora The Explorer
DANGIT it didn't work!
One-arm group shot! Besides the usual suspects of Jules, Tanya, Ang, Robb, Kirst, Lisa, and of course bday boy Vince - my friends Helen and Joanne came! We ended up staying another few hours and shutting Paco's down. H&J were awesome and so fun to talk to, I've known Helen for 10 years(!!) but recently reconnected with her - she rules!
I had a 2nd dinner of Tortillas and Margaritas.... I'm a health nut, ya'll!

Saturday it was back to Hollywood for dinner and club hopping, I met Mike and LK for dinner at Bella Cucina, where we saw Paula Abdul with an entourage sitting behind us...
Nope, no Paula pic, I'm not rude! She was with her peeps and was talking on her celly the whole time... and EVERYONE asked me - was she drunk? High? Etc? And no, she seemed fairly sober...
For Paula.

Elated with our sighting, Mike and I immediately began texting everyone we've ever met:
My neighbor's cousin's dogwalker was like SO freaking impressed.

Mike and I hit up a ton of Hollywood hotspots like Katsuya, Geisha House (No real Geishas! Just skinny blonde actresses! WTF! False advertising!), S Bar (couldn't get in!), and Les Deux:
They were hosting an event for Pimp My Wheelchair and F-List celebs were there... I can't make this shit up, peeps.
Look kids! It's Evan Marriot of ... some shitty Fox reality show from 5 years ago!
Scraping the bottom of the celeb barrel....

I ended up meeting some fun people later that night:
And of course I don't remember their names, so from left to right:
Red, Choker Bangs, and FIERCE.
I know, I have mad skillz. Next was some fun people from Sweden, who TOTALLY spoke like the Swedish Chef:
Yahhh, sheborken shemjorgan derboten dah.
See you soon Heidi and Lars!
LOOK! They've gone Platinum!
Random ass display...
And of course the true sign it's LA - traffic is backed up and f***ed up at 2am! WOO HOO!

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