Saturday, June 09, 2007


Gas driving to Hollywood: $15

Italian Panini’s with friends over dinner: $17

The Raveonettes tickets: $18.50

Pictures with The Raveonettes and Ryan Gosling: PRICELESS

I met up with Kirst & Jules tonight for The Raveonettes concert in Silver Lake/Echo Park (North Hollywood) and had a great time! It was a really fun evening. As we were walking to the restaruant I saw Sune and Sharon, the duo known as the Raveonettes! They were filming segments for a video of some kind. I waited in between takes and asked them for a photo and they were super nice! They then asked me if I was OK with being on their video and taped me getting a photo with them! LOL Too cool!

The normal photo... and the on video photo! LOL Thanks to Kirsten for being my official photographer!

We had a good dinner at a nearby Italian place and then got to the club. The opening bands sucked - the first one I nicknamed Red Hair Scratch and Vomit Face, as that's pretty much what they sounded like. The 2nd band was decent, but the mixing at the club sort of sucked.

Of course, we amused ourselves with my crazy Extendo-Arm and MySpace style photos.

The Trifecta!JULES and KIRST!

Small place!
They put on a pretty good show even though the music sounded a little off at times - I blame the mixing in the back, though. Their vocals were fantastic.

So during one of the earlier bands I saw someone that looked super familiar.... it was Ryan Gosling! I waited till the end of the show as not to bother him/cause a mob scene, and asked him for a photo. He was super cool about it and friendly to everyone asking... Fun! Once again Kirsten provided Papparazzi service, and I must say she seems to have an unholy gift with the camera...

So, yeah, LA is pretty fun. :)

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