Thursday, June 28, 2007

Buffy, Bloggers, and Joss - OH MY!

Talk about an insane week/month... sorry for the lack of recent posts! I was swamped this week with work and was at the Hollywood & Games conference, which was a lot of fun. I heard Clive Barker speak, and I'm 90% sure he was either very hung over or had a visit with his friend Mr. Nose Candy...

Had dinner at Wolfgang Puck's restaruant at the Hollywood & Highland center - deeee-licious! Michael Clarke Duncan was sitting across the room, dayumn he's a big guy! Seemed very nice but he was having dinner with his wife so I didn't want to interrupt. The place was filled with Hollywood types, always fun to see.

Last night was AMAZING! I went to The Buffy Sing Along at the LA Film Festival. Check out!
The line was crazy at the theater - it sold out weeks before, and there was a standby line of over a hundred rabid fans trying to get in. People in line were playing the Buffy board game... it was great!
Vince, Kirst and I in line. I love this photo.
6'3" BABY! LOL! It's all fun and games now, till you see the scary pictures later in the post...
The line keeps gooooooooooing!
And going!

Once inside, our host - who was an awesome guy - led the crowd through all of the interactive bits. You got a goody bag once inside with things like bubbles, a streamer popper, fangs, etc etc. At certain points in the musical the crowd would interact and it was PRICELESS!
During the Giles powerballad everyone had their cellphones and lighters out! :)
Vince said everything tastes better with fangs. I say everything tastes better with my friend Captain Morgan.
Click the pic to see all the hilarious stuff we did!
"Grrrr, ARGGH!"
Everyone blew bubbles at one point which was hilarious to see in the theater!
The SHOCK of the evening was when Joss Whedon - creator of Buffy - and Marti Noxon, Exec Producer of BTVS came out to talk to the crowd. It was very clear they were moved by the people's reactions and energy at the event. It was pretty incredible, I've never seen a crowd be so amped for something before. SO FUN!

So after the show I saw Tom Lenk (who played Andrew on the show) and Trent who runs the best blog ever (Pink is the New Blog) were there. They were both super cool and we got photos with them.

Kirst and Trent!
Me and Trent!
Me and Tom! Sweet Jesus, I look like a freaky man-giant.

So what a night! Too much excitement the last few days. Thanks again to Trent for linking my blog and tripling my lifetime visitors in the span of about 30 minutes. :P
Thanks to Kirsten for getting the Buffy tickets and thanks to Vince for not pretending he didn't know me when I sang so off-key nearby glass shattered.

I've been up to a ton of other crap with no time to blog - but real quick, Kathy Griffin was HILARIOUS at the Universal Amphitheater (Gibson) last Friday. She FILLED the place - 6,000 seats - and stayed on for 2 HOURS! She is SO funny, there was literally not a minute that went by where I wasn't laughing my ass off. She had some great new material, and the crowd was roaring. Standing ovations at the start and finish!

Blurry photos! WOO!
She did an awesome impression of Paris Hilton's giraffe-model walk, which she says she does constantly. So funny.

Which is also a good description of my life right now. Loving it, though! I fly home to Oregon next week to get some much needed R&R and spend some time in that stuff called "Nature". Basically, the opposite of LA life...


Roy said...

Great pics! Looks like you had a great time! WOW...Look at those blue eyes you have!!!!! I like Trent's blog a lot, but I would have been WAY more excited to see you over him....

Deb said...

Does your big sister know you have joined the ranks of PITNB? She does now because all of her crazy, thirtysomething, soccer mom friends are filling her voice mail with, "I can't believe Darion is pictured on Pink Is The New Blog, that is too cool!" You look great and very happy. Enjoy your trip home, your adoring fans are waiting.

Rita said...

Great pictures!!! Found your blog through My friends and I saw you taking these pictures in line (hysterical), and behold! Here they are on the web! Sweet!

I have pictures up, too.