Sunday, May 13, 2007

Concerts galore!

Been keeping very busy with work and life lately, but still managing to get out and see some shows and have fun. :)
I saw Keane again this weekend - I will see them anytime they come to town! They put on such a great show. They were moved from The Greek Theater due to all the fires happening in the area. :( Instead we saw them at Gibson Amphitheater. They were of course fantastic - Tom, the lead singer, has such an incredible voice. He was totally soaking up the crowd - standing ovation for the entire show! They were roaring for them. Pretty cool.
The lighting in their shows are fantastic! It's been awhile since I've seen a crowd so excited.
Good mix of sad and upbeat music. I can listen to their stuff over and over... and I DO!
LOVE the lighting!
It was cool seeing them in a bigger venue then The Wiltern (they played there back in Jan.).
So this pic probably looks unintelligible, but he had everyone get their cell phones out and wave them during a song. It was pretty cool. The whole place was lit up with cell phones!

Jules, Lara and I saw Travis a few weeks ago, it was a lot of fun! Travis is a Scottish band. They hadn't toured for 3 years, so it was a treat to see them. They do a lot of great songs, like Sing, Side, and Why Does It Always Rain On Me. They just released a new album too.
Fran, the lead singer, did an acoustic version of... eh, I don't remember. It was great though, he had the crowd get super quiet and didn't use a microphone!
We saw them at the Henry Fonda theater in Hollywood so it's a very small and intimate venue.
They sounded great live!
Purty colors. Oooooh!
The infamous trio? Two Americans and a brit? A Guy, Two Girls, and Travis? I can't think of a good headline for this one. LOVE Lara's shirt, though. :)
"Hahaha... Darion, put down the camera, or I will break it."

I took a few videos, but don't have the oomph to youtube them... :)

Happy crowd!
They were amped to be touring again.

So when Julie and I arrived, we saw a crowd of people around the side of the building. Then along the main street there were several hundred people in line waiting to get in....
As we drove by we realized Fran, the lead singer was out front! We quick parked and ran up and met him!
He was a super nice guy! SO friendly! The Scottish accent was great. He was spending time talking to everyone, answering questions, taking pictures, just hanging out.

At the end of the night, they always do a cover song. They ended up doing an AC/DC song... I don't remember the name, but I of course switched from melancholy-euro music mode into 80's big hair crazy death metal fan:


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