Sunday, December 07, 2008

Selma, Sigourney, Charity, And An Open Bar. RUH ROH!

Well this weekend was kind of ridiculously fun! I had a blast hanging out with great friends, which I really needed given what's been going on lately. Tonight was especially amazing, I headed to The Trevor Project's Cracked Xmas, a charity benefit at The Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles.
The Trevor Project is an amazing charity that runs the nation's only suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth. Sadly, an LGBTQ youth is FOUR times more likely to commit suicide then their straight counterpart. Also, suicide is the THIRD highest cause of death in teens. They run a great service and it was fantastic to support a good cause. The party also happens to be INSANELY FUN!!

There was of course a red carpet:

Selma Blair, star of Hellboy, Cruel Intentions, etc etc, and now Kath and Kim, came to show her support along with her TV Husband Mikey Day!
"Well I'm here for two reasons, Barbara. First, charity. Secondly, I'm really excited to finally meet Darion."
My hearing is great. Hi Selma! XOXO

I of course granted her wish... I'm nice to all the fans.
ZOMG she's like one of the nicest celebs ever. Not to mention INSANELY pretty. The picture doesn't do her justice! I told her what a big fan of hers I was - seriously, since Cruel Intentions and Zoe/Duncan/Jack and Jane (WB show from 10 years ago), and she was like "awww you are so sweet! Thanks for coming.". I sorta died. But after the paramedics revived me, it was all good!

With Chad (left) and Loy (center) and dork (right). Big thanks to Loy for passing the invite along to me and telling me what a fun event it was! :)
The show started with the cast of Spring Awakening singing a few songs. They sounded great!
Selma and Mikey came on stage to talk about The Trevor Project. At this point I shouldddd mention there was an open bar. Soooo ... let's just say there was a lot of chatter. ;)
*I didn't shout that so much as bellow it.
Wanda Sykes came out and performed a hilarious set - she had us cracking up! Wanda talked a bit about prop 8 and how it really upset her and her wife of FOURTEEN years, and did a hilarious bit about Esther - her gut, who fights with her Spanx underwear. Apparently, Esther really likes cheesecake, and hates Spanx, and tries to break free. Hahaha
Apparently Esther broke free of her Spanx when she was on The Tonight Show. :)

Brooke Smith, AKA the lesbian doctor on Grey's Anatomy came out and spoke for a bit.

Can't remember what about. Honestly, a bunch of music came on while she was talking like a Grey's montage, and I spaced out, cried a little, and then changed the channel to watch Heroes.
Rachel Zoe and her assistant... uhm... well I called him "15 minutes", cuz he don't deserve that fame ya'll, came out to stand there like zombies while the blonde chick on the right auctioned off a bunch of stuff for the charity. It was great because they raised a TON of money. Rachel Zoe seemed super uncomfortable - especially for a tv personality - was really quiet and only said a few words. SOMEONE forgot to mix their uppers with their downers!!! Oh Rachel, you are my favorite amateur.
LOOK KIDS! It's Anne Hathaway! She came out early during the auction, to auction HERSELF! She said "I didn't realize there was going to be an auction tonight. So I figured I'd come out and sell myself. However much you think I'm worth, I'll take you out and get you WASTED." :D
So funny! Homegirl went for $12,000!
Sarah Chalke came out and gave a great speech. I heart her! She's so funny. She's also in the hilarious funny Prop 8: The Musical sketch. She's great on How I Met Your Mother and of course Scrubs!
XOXO Sarah!

Next up Fantasia Barrino came out to ROCK the freaking house. Dayumn! Girl. Can. Sing.
Seriously, GREAT voice. No lipsyncing here!
She also ended up singing her songs in the crowd! She did one of her own and Purple Rain. It was great to see her really work the crowd and get people all into it.

Next up Lesley Jordan came out with a hilarious story of growing up with a highly conservative family in Tennesee and of course opened with "I smell gin and regret. Is that you Karen Walker?" - one of his famous lines from Will and Grace. He was great!
At the end Anne came out and gave a speech about Sigourney Weaver - she was there to give her a Trevor Life Honoree award! They previewed Sigourney's new Lifetime movie based on a true story, Prayers For Bobby, about a highly religious mother who's son comes out to her and ends up killing himself. It looks amazing and she gives quite the performance.
Sigourney and Anne hug. Somewhere, a geek's head explodes.

... It's all right, I'm okay, move along people, nothing to see hereeeeee.
Sigourney talked about working on the movie (that took 13 years to get greenlit), meeting the family, and talked about how if Trevor Project had been around when Bobby was alive he probably wouldn't have comitted suicide. Sad.
Don't cry, Sigourney! WE LOVE YOU!*
*I may or may not have yelled this. Did I mention the open bar?
Her speech was amazing and of course garnered a standing ovation!
Our seats were high up, but it was still a great vantage point. Aaaah, my nose is bleeding! ;)
Sadly, that was the end of the show, but one thing wasn't complete:
OK, kids, I'm not kidding. We were by the bar (go figure), I saw her walk in - she's like 6'3" in heels, and I got kinda :O feeling. So I literally jogged over, politely said hi and asked her for a photo. She graciously accepted and I told her she was one of my favorite actresses ever and thanked her so much for being here. She smiled warmly and said "My pleasure!" and we may have ... had a moment. I ran back to the gang and my heart was POUNDING, my hands were even shaking.
I know, I'm a geek, but dude, it's RIPLEY! I'm just glad I was able to talk to her without blacking out. :)

After the super fun night, it was off to get pizza and then hit a bar or two before calling it a night with the gang:
We had such a great time! I'm truly blessed to have so many amazing friends! Funfunfun!
Makes me think... how the hell am I going to top this next? ;)


Jeffrey Bryan said...

Yup, I hate you. I would have sold my car for Anne Hathaway.

s said...

What an awesome night!