Thursday, June 05, 2008

Angela and Darion's Excellent Adventure

Last week the amazing Angela and I had quite the adventure - we attended the U of O Alumni event at the Beverly Hills hotel which was VERY posh!
I was her date for the night, so of course I was Dr. Hamish Von Shonvelt - famed celeb plastic surgeon.
Here we are posing in the gardens - the flash didn't quiet work, but trust me, we look fiiiinnneeee.
Anyone who knows Ang or me knows we technically shouldn't be allowed near cameras. When the two of us get together, it's, well - it's ... Britney-batshit-crazy-fun!!

Ang demanded I wait on her hand and foot the whole night:
Apparently the ashtray was "too goddamn clear, servant boy". :(

The papparazzi were EVERYWHERE - they caught me coming out of the bathroom:
"Ehrrr I'm not zipped up yet! WTF!"
They have no respect!

They chased Ang into the elevator...
We'd probably look better if we just posed and smiled, huh?
AAAAH! She fell hard, but at least she didn't drive over any papparazzi toes (I did later that night).

Ang went 'to the ladies room to powder her nose', and I found her with a new friend:
Apparently 'Mr. Cashy' knew just what she wanted. JERK!
Yeah, I kicked his white metal ass. I broke a toe doing it, but he learned his lesson.

The papparazzi followed me up the stairs as I tried to escape...

Thank the Gods my booty was covered.
"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I can actually walk backwards up the stairs, I took classes.
Nice. I'm a gentleman.

I got tired of running from the photogs and found a SA-WEET hiding place!
OH YEAH! I should be a marine or something. OOH! No, a General Marine Air Force Navy Seal Captain Admiral Battleship Supreme! ROCK!

Later that night I accepted a very special award:
"OOPS! I guess it works!" - Father Of The Year

We of course had to do some Stalker Eyes(TM):
"GRR! I'll hide you in the back my Bentley - velvet covered trunk, beeyotch!"
"I'll make sure no maid in this town ever works for you again!"
Damn, we cold.

We strayed from our open bar and went 60 minutes without a drink..
It wasn't pretty.

And that, my friends, is Angela and Darion's Excellent Adventure - for May 2008. ;)

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Anonymous said...

you are soo freaked out xD

you should bring me to one of those adventures they seem SWEET

from a future fashion designer,

Mary-Anne B. from portugal xD