Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Halloween To Remember

So on Tuesday I ventured out to West Hollywood, CA to party up Halloween with 500,000 of my closest friends... Yes, this is the biggest Halloween event in the world. It was amazing! I had such an awesome time. I had no idea what I was in for.
Due to getting off work late and lack of time to get a costume and such right after moving, I of course, went as Jesus. :) It's a classic, people.

Upon getting there they had a big stage with a camera crew and a spotlight, and they were airing it live on local tv. I eventually got up the courage and went up there and was on tv! It was hilarious. :) The crowd loved me and I made a few cracks about turning water into wine, etc. Pretty funny stuff. Later on in the night I was interviewed by two different camera crews!
Here is an MJ to start things off...
Flags of Our Fathers/Iwo Jima/Something something! Cool!
Crazy shiny birdman something!
A superhot catwoman!
Aunt Jemima! LOL

I dunno WTF is going on here, but it was bright!
They were hilarious - the evil witches/etc from the Disney movies. Cruella Deville, Snow White/Sleeping Beauty evil queens, Alice in Wonderland, and of course Ursula from The Little Mermaid.
So this was funny.... I thought the woman here was in costume and playing a joke... someone grabbed me and put me up on the sidewalk with them. :) There were a couple of camera crews and several photographs and a crowd watching. They laughed a lot when I got up there. :)
The woman kept going on and on with her loud speech about how everyone there had to repent or burn in hell yadda yadda, and I was surprised how she kept 'in character' and just kept going with it. After awhile I started making funny faces and crazy circles around my head when she'd turn around, the audience ate it up! It was so funny. After awhile another Jesus came along and everyone was roaring. I got bored and walked off.... about 15 minutes later I was walking by and a bunch of cops were talking to the chick - she was totally serious! :O
This guy had a great Pirates of the Caribbean costume... pretty cool!

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was there, among a ton of other news stations and shows. I think they were afraid to interview me. :)
The scariest looking Carmen Miranda EVER.
Ninja and and Alien - don't ask, it's LA!
Aaaaaaaaand here's the crazy woman getting spoken to by the cops. Heeeeeeeeeheehe!

This was awesome - Mark Foley and a ton of young guys! LOLOLOL! The guy did an awesome Foley. Everyone loved it.I think I had like 50 photos with priests, nuns, popes, and everything in between. Blasphemy: CHECK!
Cover your eyes.

I warned you! It's the women ... ehr... men... of Deal or No Deal! Congrats, you are now blind!
Some people spent 3+ months on their costumes. Pretty amazing.
So, there were like, a LOT of damn people attending. :)
And here I thought Monster Massive was too massive... little did I know!
Superheroes were always a popular choice! Lots of Wonder Women, lots of Supermen, lots of... hey, that batman and robin look awfully friendly...
Here's a good example of what it's like walking up and down the mile of Santa Monica Blvd they block off. Renassiance drag queens: Check. California Raisins: Check. Mobster: check. Laser light: Check. Death skull guy: Check. A bunch of random other shit: CHECK!
This guy did an awesome Chappelle, he kinda looked like him too.
BORATTTTTTT! I saw like 4 of them. They all were pretty good. :)
Heyyy-soos and a female bearded Jesus - don't ask. She was a wee bit dru... well, let's just say she'd been drinking lots of water, after it had been turned to wine.
THE HUMAN CLAW MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!! (For Dad)
The costumes were elaborate - I couldn't get a good shot, but there were like 6 Marie Antoinnette era ... uh, drag queens, I guess.... all walking up and down fanning themselves. Only in WeHo....
Adam and Eve almost clobbered me demanding a photo with Jesus!
P.S. Eve smacked the Jesus booty.......... I'm just sayin..........
I dunno WTF is going on here... LOL but it reminds me, I think more Japanese tourists asked me for photos then anyone! They really love Jesus! :) It was pretty funny.

Did I mention there was a ****load of people there? :)It's hard to see in this pic, but this was a mobile DJ/karoke costume booth thing! It was pretty funny. Some of the karaoke was ear splittingly bad, tho. lol However, Supergirl did a good Whitney... (pre-crackwhore phase)

You can't see it in this pic, but Marvin the Martian was surrounded by crazy cool glow lights!
There were several Jack Skellingtons, but this guy was the best!
So during the course of the night I was asked over 100 times to have my photo taken with just about everything you can imagine - although, interestingly, girls 18-30 were most interested, according the latest stats from my Christ-o-matic.
And with that... peace out, bitches!

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Jeff said...

Awesome pics!! Fun was had by all it seems...

That Adam and Eve one was hawt btw!! :)j