Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's that time again....

For E3! Every geek in the industry's favorite time of year. E3, the game convention in LA. Even though my game was finaling, I made it up for a few hours of the show and some good parties. Let the pics begin!
The show was a little less crowded this year - only 90,000 people crammed the LA convention center.
The performance acts were sparser, but these chicks were awesome - Korean pop/classical group with a very unique sound. They rocked!

That crazy sidewalk chalk painter guy who is always getting his pics sent around the web was there, and did a cool promo for Gears of War. I'm at the wrong angle, but you get the idea.
What's everyone playing? What's the best game at E3? :)
The PS3 and Nintendo Wii were there - the PS3 was the same size as the original xbox! LOL! The 360 had the best showing....
Sony had their own bus stop and 'neighborhood' themed PSP setup, which was cool. Some good games finally coming out for that thing.

The not-so-red carpet for the Xbox Live party at The Social Hollywood on Sunset. It was fun! Had VIP passes as TT was featured there, partied it up like mad with the open bar.TT got prime coverage, with consoles as you first walked in on either side and two more in the main area.

Amber was having fun (all redheads are named Amber on my blog, yknow).

It was a great venue!
Ended up using the 'producer' name dropping and got to meet Crystal Method. Cool guys, they were rolling like no one else... lol
On Thursday night it was the Sony party - we had fun, to say the least!

Who'sssssssssss at an open bar? WE ARE!
"This guy..... this guy is freakishly tall."

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