Sunday, February 01, 2009

Some Raveonettes And A Lil Windy City

Last Saturday I made my way out to the Henry Fonda Music Box in Hollywood with Josh to see one of my favorite bands:

The Raveonettes! They do 50's and 60's style music - but are a Danish rock band. Yes, it's that awesome.

You may remember the last post I did on them in 2008, I've seen them 3 times since I've moved to LA and every show has been great.
They did a range of music from their last several albums...
And sounded freaking amazing.
Oh, their lighting rocks too. :)
She's my lil Swedish Angel. XO
Josh and I had a blast!

I also have to give a special blog shout out to my Chicago BFF's Jenn & Marv:

They took a break from the 15 degree weather to come rough it out in socal, where it was a balmy 65 upon landing. Yes, please shed a tear for them. I met up with them Thursday night at the Custom Hotel in Westchester:
Which is surprisingly 'hip', or as the kids say, fierce! It was great seeing them as we haven't hung out since Julie and Vince's wedding! Oh and Vince looks kinda surprised here because we spiked his drink. Drunk drugged driving is always good for a laugh, kids!

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