Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tis the Season to par-tay

Wow what a wild few weeks it's been... work kicked up even more, social stuff out the wazoo, I literally haven't been home in weeks... but it's all good, things are going great!

I'm way behind on my blogging, but couldn't pass up some fun photos to share. Let's get it on!

The lovely Miss Angela joined me for some fun times at a company party (translation: She heard free booze and knocked everyone else out of the way) last week, and we decided we had to do Stalker Eyes(TM):
ZOMG Who's looking at me in fancy garb?
RAWWRR Red Shirt... ehr... Red RUM! RED RUM!

Ang then decided (after a few drinks) to lick the ice sculpture:
To which I was properly mortified.
But we managed to make up by the end for a nice photo:
... and that's all that's fit to print.
I met up with The Gang(TM) for dinner last Sunday at Ketchup, and it was dee-lish! San Diego BFF's Ben and Raph joined us after going to this crazy art show in Japantown.

And despite the insanity, Ben and Raph are still talking to me. Go figure.

This last week was one of the most Cruiseazy weeks I've had in LA, lots of fun times, the real wildness started on Thursday with the Pandemic party at the Natural History Museum:

Catered, open bar, tons of lights and Crystal Method was playing LOUDLY. :)

Coolest. Venue. For a Party. Ever.Homegirl Staci dressed up as a crazy Japanese horror chick - the party was horror themed so trust me, it worked.
The dj set rocked! And they had Rock Band setup for people to play in the other room....

It was crowded, loud, and FUN!

Then Friday I met up with The Gang(TM) for dinner at Pink Taco, and immediately started taking pics with my gorgeous wife Kirsten:At which point HP promptly pointed out that I had 20 such photos on myspace just like that already.
Dammit, everyone knows me too well.
Note the devil horns. This means I Rock, kids. Watch and learn.
Trent liked his xmas present - a mousepad pic from when he and I met Mercedes McNab (Harmony on Buffy). :D
I could explain this, but really... I like Sarah too much to do so.

LK and Jordan never miss a chance for a camera pose!
HP, Mike, and Adriana - I think Adriana was tired of the cameras at this point. ;)
Trent's BFF Sarah was visiting from Detroit! Hey Sarah!
ORBITZ GUM: For that Just Brushed Clean Feeling From Someone Else's Mouth!
Trent's Trio?
Whaddup HP!
Hmm.... Trent's TRIO!
Trent tried to take away my Extendo-Arm first-placeness, but he caught LK unawares in the background... sooo I retain my title.
The whole gang! What a fun group, we had a blast!
The hostesses decided to borrow my camera for a pic of their own:
I heart actresses!

Two nights in a row of crazyness = not enough... so on Saturday I went down to see my San Diego gang for a night of holiday party madness thanks to the super hosts Jeff & Jenn who's house looked amazing... (I'm hiring them to host my next party!)
We started things off with a White Elephant Gift Exchange, which was hilarious. Aliah ended up winning a TV - a SECOND 13" tv. Hahaha. And a HUGE remote.

See the above reactions - everyone cracking up? It's because Jeff opened a gift from someone who went to Mexico recently (hmmm) and let's just say it's an apron with a lil something Extra.
Yes, it made John and Jamie blush. So you know ... well..
Jeff was quite proud. The audience was quite frightened.
Eric was lucky enough to win a massage from Jeff. Yeah, we were all jealous.

Send the kiddies away!

So I'm sure you are dying to know what Jeff was packin' under the apron... well.... let's just say the Apron becomes a World Of Funny when you lift it up!
I rest my case. I have nothing to add to that. Nope, nada.

Ahem.. moving on:
I was the lucky first opener, and won... a freaking Dorothy and Toto doll that was made with 100% FUGLY. Wow. Poop sandwich, indeed.
Aliah proudly shows off her "NEVERLOST" remote.
Raph I think may have molested lil Dorothy. I dunno, I don't like to start the rumors.
Yes, John, she's not anatomically correct.

Luckily J&J had some random prizes and I ended up winning a nice reed/stone/vase kit, which made up for Dorothy!
I had to include this very strangely posed photo. Cheers.
Supercuz's Aliah & Gabriel are so cute. Awww.
Raphael proudly shows off the Raphael Phillips Suite upstairs in the J&J house... lol!!
Aliah proudly shows off her Christmas Tree cake that was quite dee-lish, and contained no drugs of any kind (I don't think she really lives in Orange County - come on, at least throw in some Xanax!).

You might wonder what Aliah and Gabe got me for Xmas. Well, they got me shit.
No, really. Plastic poo. It's a family thing. I quickly put it on the toilet for the next lucky guest to enjoy.
J&J also organized a hilarious trivia challenge for guys and girls... sadly, I lost! BOO! Damn you John! ;)
No, Jennie, the doll is not anatomically correct. SHEESH PEOPLE!
No, Gabriel, lifting up the dress.... Oh I GIVE UP!
A shows off this crazy toothpick wheel. I dunno, it's California. Don't ask.Ben was quite happy with his Corazon Tequila set. B, I have to say, that's a pretty white ass thumbs up.... ;)

Sunday after sleeping in and deboozing, we had a deelish "interracial brunch" at Lotus Thai Bistro:
Where JEFF proceeded to use a FORK.
I used CHOPSTICKS. Take notes kids.

Unfortch my middle name was revealed much to Raphael's chagrin...
He laughed... and laughed... and laughed...

Yep, still laughing. Thanks G.
It was great seeing everyone! Franco (Jeff's bro) made a cameo and it was great to catch up with everyone and enjoy the holiday cheer together.

Now the weekend wouldn't be complete without party #4 and my next super fun group of friends, Julie and Vince were kind enough to invite me into their home to celebrate Christmas, where Ang and I kicked things off with more Stalker Eyes(TM):
Really kids, it's all we do. It's our thing. Two Stalker Eyes(TM) in one post, you lucky lucky viewers!
"Don't even think bout my salad man-beeyotch!"
I title this one "GIMME YO SALAD HO!".
They had THREE trees. Showoffs.
Matt proceeded to feed things to Vince. I mean, there's being nice to your hosts, and then there's sucking up. Seriously dude.
Kerri and Kirsten, such a cute photo! See, I don't always say snarky stuff.
They homecooked (!!!) a dee-lish meal! It was really fun.
Julie's cat (I believe this is Smudge?) watched everything. I think it thought we were gonna steal stuff.
HA! More Stalker Eyes (TM)! You thought it was over, but like a cold sore on your lip it's BACK! NO SALAD FOR YOU VINCE! Mua hahahahaha!
LK and Matt decided to fight with their nutcrackers. I'm sure there's a great joke in there somewhere.
My writers just went back on strike.
Yes, his Nutcracker enjoyed the dinner. Notice how Matt enjoys feeding things to people? Kerri, I worry about you two.
Speaking of worrying:
Julie and I decided to rip into this popper thingie with our teeth. It was fair till I pulled her hair.
Lisa then attacked Angela with a squirrel, which Ang is deathly afraid of. Yes, I really couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.
Julie thought Matt was the coolest person evarrrr, so she fed me salad. I quite enjoyed it.
We decided to put on hats/crowns and take photos - yeah, I really have awful judgement.

Vince got all Pirate on us and put on a tatoo... he then tried to use a Christmas tree as a peg leg. Complete with ornaments!

Afterwards we went down a street famous for it's insane Christmas lights (I'm thinking Jewish folk aren't allowed on the street? LOL) and decorations, it was so cool! TONS of people were out and about seeing the lights and cars filled the road...

There was this weird Southern California dolphin theme happening. Honestly it creeped me out. Santa with dolphins, WTF? That makes no sense people.
Popular! All the streets had lights.

"Gee honey, why is our electric bill five hundred dollars?"
"I hear the Smith's bill is seven hundred, Jim. Lay off it, you bastard."
"Jane, just keep it up, I swear to God I'll go back to your sister."

... wow, where did that come from? I guess I had some holiday angst imagined in the pretty neighborhood.
There was a cute ferris wheel:
Upon closer inspection tho it featured various happy characters getting all warm and ... intimate.
Buzz Lightyear and Woody? Who didn't see that coming.

And of course the Extendo-Arm group shot! I could have fit fifteen more in! ;)

It was so fun seeing everyone, pretty awesome week, and now I'm tired! GO figure... but the holiday break is around the corner and I'm so glad I got to hang with so many great friends over such a fun weekend!
Happy Holidays!


Jay said...

Awesome pics D. Considering how many pics you had, I'm surprised you had enough time and energy to post to the blog... must have had some... **sniff** ahem... **sniff** help of a... **sniff** powdery nature... ahem... LOL!!! It was great seeing you D. Send our love to Ma, Pa, sis D, and Kirk...

s said...

nice pics! Good to see the sd and la crew rolling together still...