Sunday, December 04, 2005

Holiday Party Shenanigans!

Had the company holiday party on Friday night... it was a blast! It was held at the LaCosta Resort and Spa. Full catered buffet, open bar all night, DJ, and casino gambling with play money. :) It was great! They had a raffle at the end and gave away a bunch of prizes.

Eve, me, and Ferd - who peed a little on my shoes.
Jeff won so much money he took a poker chip bath... I can't make this stuff up, folks.
The very regal looking Josh in his tux, showing us how it's done...
Shhh, don't tell Jeff, but Jenn and I got it on.... on the dancefloor, that is!
... Jenn, stop humping my leg, seriously now....
Wil and Ben rocked da hizzouse!

Stu's last day was Friday, he's off to the wonderful world of Canadia, and is getting married to boot - Congrats man, we'll miss you!!

The afterparty was fun, and as you can tell drunk people don't know what camera to look at... Josh wasn't drunk! Well, mostly not....

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